The power of your subconscious mind

Last Update: January 27, 2019

The power of your subconscious mind is truly amazing. Experts say that what ever we focus on throughout the first 20 minutes after waking up, will impact decisions that we make thereafter.

Have you ever woken up anxious because of the negative things that have happened the day before? Some people wake up and decide to think and speak negative straight away.

But there are reasons for some to wake up on the wrong side of the bed

Perhaps the day before you received some unsavory news, or you have mounting unpaid bills, or somebody hurt your feelings. What ever it was, left you feeling down before the day even started. I know I have suffered from negative thoughts from time to time

What people don't know or have never been told is that in the first 20 minutes of waking up, this is the most crucial time to focus on positive thoughts. Why is this? This is the time our brains are operating at the super rate of 20 wave cycles per second.

If we are waking up grumpy, angry or on the other hand happy and grateful, these attitudes will have a direct impact on how our day plays out.

If we are waking up negative we could be sabotaging all our efforts for success that day. If we are struggling to forgive or replaying old memories, this would be like building a foundation on sand. Ready to collapse at any time

Strong mind = strong human

We all know that here at Wealthy Affiliate that this is the best platform by far to learn how to be successful online. We have all the training we need to get started, heading into what ever direction we are passionate about. The training is simple and easy to understand that we can teach its methods to our children or even grandparents.

Not only that but we have an awesome community of expert affiliate marketers ready to help. They are ready to offer their help at the drop of a hat if we are stuck or needing help. Where else do you get this online!

Just recently I posted a comment on Kyles blog about the super affiliates attending the conference at the moment in Vegas. I had a reply by Kyle himself soon thereafter. How good is that! Where else online would you get the founder of a organisation reply back to your comments? Just to add, not just my comment but to dozens of comments as well. He truly is interested in our successes here at Wealthy Affiliate.

As you continue to work on yourself here at Wealthy Affiliate you will begin to expand your vision of yourself. You will begin to work towards self mastery. You will start to see this new attitude reflect itself in your life. Your mental life, your physical life, your emotional life, your relationships, your monetary life.

You are at the best place ever to enhance your learning. If you are here at Wealthy Affiliate for the first time just checking it all out, all I can say is well done. Stay here and look no futher. Dive headfirst into this platforms amazing potential and you will shortly see its benefits.

What's your thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate? Do you share the same view?

Leave a comment below or smash the like button (Don't break your computer though)

All the best for 2019


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mistswitch Premium
I nap daily and I'm amazed at the power of a little bit of sleep to reset my mood. I can go to bed overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated but when I wake up, if my first thoughts are positive, I can change the tone of the day.

My feelings about WA tend to be mixed. I have a wait and see attitude still. There's a lot of good advice and training here.
Kate35 Premium
I absolutely believe in the power of positivity and being in a state of gratefulness. I am grateful for Wealthy Affiliate, for example. 😃
DaveAsprey Premium
Yes. I think gratefulness is the key to success
Thanks for the message
Hope you have a great day
MBartley Premium
Hi Dave, that is a great post. I believe everyone should take the first moments of waking to meditate even if just for 5 minutes, it can change you entire day.

DaveAsprey Premium
Hi Murray. Absolutely. Very important indeed.
Have a great day
ShaunDoust Premium
Hi Dave, thank you so much for the very encouraging, inspirational & motivational words.
Most appreciated.
DaveAsprey Premium
Thanks Shaun. Have a great day
TommyVTE Premium
Thanks for sharing
Have a great day