0045 - Namecheap & Whoisguard

Last Update: April 11, 2015

I recently received this email from www.namecheap.com, which for those of you with unassigned Whoisguard subscriptions is self-explanatory.

Up until very recently, it was possible, if for example you have several domain names, to buy multiple Whoisguard subscriptions and assign them to specific domain names when required.

Namecheap have decided to stop offering this facility and now it appears that the Whoisguard subscription (which protects your privacy from the general public, i.e. your name and home address etc. is hidden) has to be purchased, or renewed at the same time that you purchase or renew a specific domain name.

Importantly, those of you that have purchased but not assigned Whoisguard subscriptions will lose them if you do not allocate them to specific domain names by May 15.

Here is the email I received. - Dave.

Hello Dave,

This is to inform you that we are going to discontinue offering WhoisGuard as a separate service. Going forward, any WhoisGuard subscription must be connected to the domain name for which it was purchased.

As of May 15, all unassigned WhoisGuard subscriptions will be deleted without compensation. According to our records, you have 1 or more unassigned WhoisGuard subscriptions in your account. To avoid losing your unassigned subscriptions, please assign them to domain names within your account as soon as possible. You may also use an unassigned WhoisGuard subscription to renew an existing one.

Prior to May 15, we strongly suggest you visit the My Account -- WhoisGuard Subscriptions section to assign each unused WhoisGuard subscription to a domain (Use Now option) or use it to extend another WhoisGuard subscription (Use to Extend option).

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Thanks for sharing, Dave. I've been out of circulation for a while. This sure is a great info.
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Thanks for sharing the information. I shall visit the site and exercise the options, if not done.
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