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There is nothing quite like owning a DotCom domain name. For a start it's a helluva lot cheaper than buying a shiny new car, and the annual maintenance, i.e the renewal fee, is minimal.So, what do you do, you decide on a niche that you want to market, and you set about looking, on for example, for a domain name that isn't already taken. You know that you want a DotCom, or maybe a DotOrg, etc. and you know you want it all without hyphens because you've been informed that it is b
Oh yes, it's a stalker's paradise, the internet. I know your name, your full address, your telephone number and your email address..... well, at least I would know it, if you have registered a domain name and not made it private, using the services of a company like Whoisguard. I did a little research. I checked some of your profiles. I noted the names of your websites. I did a search of the Whois database, and there it was; all the above information, because some of you hadn't protected you
I recently received this email from, which for those of you with unassigned Whoisguard subscriptions is self-explanatory. Up until very recently, it was possible, if for example you have several domain names, to buy multiple Whoisguard subscriptions and assign them to specific domain names when required. Namecheap have decided to stop offering this facility and now it appears that the Whoisguard subscription (which protects your privacy from the general public, i.e. your na
Hi Guys and Ladies, For those of you new to buying a domain and setting up a website on it, let me tell you that with the help of, Wordpress and Wealthy Affiliate it is SO easy. I registered a domain with Namecheap, paid for it, transferred the hosting (DNS) to WA, chose a Wordpress theme (by far the longest part) and wrote my opening (About Me) page, chose a temporary header image and published the website for the world to see in less than an hour! OK, you have to be a pr
I was reading about one of our fellow WA'ers today who wanted a specific DotCom for his niche, but it was taken so he had to 'settle' (my word, not his) for a DotOrg. The exact same thing happened to me about twelve months ago, with a niche I wanted. In my case I wanted a short, easy to remember, highly relevant domain name for my website, which I am only now ready to develop. The one word name I wanted was a play on words that also described that the sales of the specific product I have in
Hello fellow WA'ers, There are some great DotCom domains still available! In the past two weeks I have registered a six letter DotCom, www.?o?o?, the name of which I'm keeping under wraps for a while but it represents the first two letters of each word of a three word niche I am going to be working on later this year, - and yesterday I registered which at best will be an art and artwork website for my stepdaughter Hannah and if it's not eventually required I can
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, After an extended break of about twelve months, during which time I devoted my time to my animal rights and welfare groups on Facebook, I am back, hopefully regularly. It is very easy to lose momentum, to be distracted from the learning process by the demands of our families, our day jobs, our hobbies, other interests, and 101 other things - and put off until tomorrow what you really should do today. My advice - from experience - is : Don't Do It!! I know the t
March 08, 2014
Greetings Guys & Ladies, Another way you can publicize your website, if you have several friends on your Facebook friendslist, is to create an 'event' . An example can be seen by clicking the link below, if you are currently signed into Facebook in another window. Are You Interested in a Career in Internet Marketing? In the description for the event you can put links to your website(s), YouTube channel, Facebook Page or group, in fact anything, providing it is relevant to the subject matte
March 01, 2014
Greetings, Guys and Ladies :) It's the weekend... again. It's the start of a new month again.. The 'New Year' is suddenly not so new anymore and in fact one-sixth of it has already passed us by. Anyway, two things I thought I would mention. Continuing the theme of us liking each others Facebook pages, or subscribing to each others YouTube channels, or any other mutually beneficial activity, please post your links on this blog so that I and other readers of this blog can like, subscribe, fol
February 25, 2014
Yes - PAW it forward ! Now, I have your attention, I just wanted to remind those regular readers to my blogs - AND ESPECIALLY NEW MEMBERS (who I give a warm welcome to this great community) - that you can rank VERY HIGHLY with a Facebook Page. Now - I am in the UK, and my Google search is with Google UK, so the results are a little different to anyone outside the UK, but these are my current rankings in the search results (Search Engine Results Pages = SERPs) for my two main website name