Working After Retirement Age Could Very Well Become a Fact of Life

Last Update: June 02, 2015

Working after retirement could be a fact of life for many baby boomers. Need I mention that 10,000 boomers are reaching retirement age each day.

Since boomers are suspected to live 10 to 20 years longer than previous generation retirees, many boomers are not prepared to remain retired for that long.

There are other reasons why boomers are not ready to retire. To mention a few. For health reasons boomers may have had to retire sooner than they wanted to. Maybe they have been laid off and they are having difficulty finding another job, that pays what they are worth. Retirement has become a necessity. Or a common problem is that boomers have not been able to recover from the recession of 2007.

All this results in the fact that boomers are working longer, or are finding that they need to return to work after having retired. An Allianz study found that 82 percent of boomer have decided that 70 is the new retirement age. Further Bankers Life say that 41 percent of boomers still working intend to continue working until they hit 69. The concept of Work Until You Drop is becoming a reality.

Health Care Crisis

When people retire because of health reason they may get hit with a double whammy. That is they may not be financially ready to retire, and because of their health problems, retirement is going to be very expensive. A study by Fidelity Analysis estimates that Boomer couples retiring at age 65, may face $220,000 in health care cost. Now if these same people are depending on Medicare to help them with these cost they need to rethink. After Medicare pays their portion, the boomer couple is still going to be stuck with heck of a health care bill. It could be time to leave the ranks of the retired, and return to the work force.

Things To Think About

When we decide it is time to get back into the workforce, there are certain question we need to ask ourselves. They are;

  • What are our salary requirements?
  • What is our passions? Can we supplement our income by fulfilling our passions?
  • How much time are we willing to spend working?
  • How will returning to work affect our SSI benefit? Explaining this can be the subject of post all by itself. That information can be found online.
Time To Retool

If we find ourselves in a position where we have to end our retirement, and because of physical limitations, we cannot return to our previous occupation. Or because we simply do not want to go back to what we used to do. We may find it necessary to retool and retrain. Besides a change is many times better than a rest.

Our options at this point are many. We can go back to college, which we already know is expensive. Maybe going to a trade school, or a community college will fill the bill, but there is still that money thing that we have to think about.

There are sources for adult education out there, which have a reasonable price tag. For example independent groups such as the National Fund For Workforce Solution, or Labor Department’s Workforce Investment Act Program. These programs will not only retrain us, but they will also help us find work.

Thing that I must mention about this approach to coming out of retirement is that, when we have completed our reeducation, and found a job, we may be joining the workforce in a entry level position. Perhaps the best we can hope for is finding a job which show the possibility for advancement.

Encore Careers

Finding a encore career can be a profitable, and fulfilling alternative, when we are looking to reenter the workforce. If we have a passion or inclination to provide a service to a group of people, there is probably a encore career to match our desire to serve.

I spent most of my working days performing work that only produced a paycheck. At the end of the day, fulfillment was a emotion that I seldom felt. Now that I am retired a encore career sounds like the cat’s meow.

Once again I have to mention that depending upon the type of encore career we choose, and what our background is. Some additional education may be necessary to qualify ourselves for this type of work.

Opportunities Online

There are opportunities to start a encore career, or service oriented profession, that can be found online. Care has to be taken to weed out

the scams from the legitimate opportunities. But once a good choice has been made, we can set up a online business for pretty much no cost at all.

If we are searching online for a money making opportunity, and we come across a pitch, that a platform will make us a boatload of money in a short period of time. Run from it like there is no tomorrow, for that is the sure sign of a scam.


There is an upside to either continue working after the established retirement age. Or returning to the workforce after we have retired. That is staying active in our retirement a recipe to a longer, healthier life after retirement. It is my opinion that when we reach 65, it is very important to keep our mind and bodies active. If anything, 65 is the time in life to exercise our options. If the option we pick is to continue working, then do what we baby boomers have done all our lives. That is go for it.

That is all I got for now. I’ve already become more long winded than I care to. If you have any questions, or stuff you would like to add to this post, please leave a comment below.

Thank You


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Papi Premium
Great post Darrell,should get some folk off their butts and do what you suggest :)
darrellw Premium
Thank you Papi, for your comment. You know I like the idea of Encore Careers. It gives us the opportunity to return the favors that we have received over the years, and we can make some extra money while we're at it.

Sadly, one of the major things that force many people to go back into employment (as a matter of expedience and not of will) is the failure to learn the vital topic of finances. We have been so conditioned by aggressive advertising and mass media, and taught many things outside of reality, that form what we now know as western consumerism.

Sadly, outside of simply wanting to be active and engaged in productive endeavours by becoming re-employed, many of our senors find it imperative to return to the workforce because of their economic condition.

Sadly, the school system has not included finance and business in the curricula. It does ready students for a life of employment and is very effective in this objective.

'Wage slavery' is a term coined by some of our contemporaries in Internet marketing, those of whom have become successful at it, and famous. It is the condition of becoming trapped in a job position that does not match one's passion or interest, and the only satisfaction coming from such activity is the paycheck.

Well-spoken above, is the sheer importance of making sure the employment being sought is, by those just out of school, as well as those in retirement, is well-suited to passion and not just the acquisition of a paycheck.

That 71% of the entire workforce in the US (higher in other westernized nations) heads off to work each workday, disengaged, in varying degree, with their job positions. This is nothing to sneeze at.

It causes discontent on the part of these employees and it costs untold millions of dollars in lost production and efficiency.

It is, by all means, a worthy note to want to return to the workforce because it does help us keep active and healthy, but anything beyond this, namely having to return to a job, any position as a matter of expedience, is sad.
darrellw Premium
Thank you for you comment Daniel. What can I say, You are absolutely right. Just because we have become retired does not mean we have entered into a rose garden,

Thanks for your interest in this post.
Larry_T Premium
Good post Darrell, but you forgot about us old farts that are financially ok but are just looking for something to stay productive We just want to keep toehold grey cells working so we don't go brain dead. Good PST though.
darrellw Premium
Hi Larry. Thanks for your comment. I don't mean to give the impression that I'm not interested in those boomers who are financially OK. It's just that those boomers need very little advice from me. Truthfully, they are in better shape than I am.

I have mentioned Encore Careers in a previous post, as a rewarding activity for baby boomers.

Thank you for your interest.
Larry_T Premium
just pulling your chain, Darrell
Chris2005 Premium Plus
Fix the word "off"."Maybe they have been laid of and they are having "
WA is my work after retirement. I just left work June 1. We will see how this works.
darrellw Premium
Hi John. I fixed the "off" error. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this post.