Dara's Progress: Month 3

Last Update: January 02, 2016

Month #3 - December 2015

It should go without saying that December was a busy month! Distractions ran high and I did not spend as much time adding content to my site as I should have.

Last month's success with my Amazon commissions was mainly due to timing. I happened to be on Amazon at midnight when they began their $35 Kindle Fire promotion, and I linked it to all of my social media presences (including my personal Facebook page) with the catchy "OMG!" title that Jimbo illustrates here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bobtosh/blog/omg-t...

I got many clicks and many sales just sharing that awesome sale at just the right time.

That said, my Amazon commissions for December were lower than in November, but they did still exist!



Since I upgraded to yearly last month, and didn't subscribe to Jaaxy in December, I had no expenses at all!


Amazon Affiliate Commissions: $16.65

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions (still only one premium referral): $22.50

Total Income = $39.15

Profit or Loss?

Income - Expenses = Profit or (Loss)

$39.15 - $0 = $39.15 Profit for the Month

Year to Date Profit or Loss = $105.63 - $399 = (-293.37)

Month 2 Takeaway:

I need to listen to my own advice and focus on my content! I plan on doing more product reviews in addition to my home solutions posts in order to generate more sales.

I'd also like to work on my social media presence a little more and try to grow my following. I'm going to spend a lot of time on here looking at those types of trainings.

Goals for Next Month:

  • More content!
  • Clean up my site menu and categories to improve the flow
  • Rewrite my little WA promo page
  • Social Media improvements

That was month 3! I don't have much more advice to add besides what I wrote last month, which is to focus on content (I need to listen to myself!) and don't keep looking at your stats.

I do want to add that your rank here at Wealthy Affiliate has no bearing on your success as an affiliate marketer, so if you're relatively new or haven't heard it before, don't worry about focusing on it. My rank is 173 right now, only because I write and respond and try to be helpful where I can be, it's not something I'm working on and it's not on my list of goals.

Thanks for reading!

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Battersea Premium
Darajeanne, thanks for posting. It is great to see the specifics of how other WAers are doing and their effort to get there. It keeps it real for us all.
darajeanne Premium
It's my pleasure!
darajeanne Premium
It's my pleasure!
gpeeples Premium
Hi Darajeanne this is an inspiration to all of here at WA. Keep up the great work. See u at the top when I get there. Greg P.
darajeanne Premium
Thanks Greg! See you around here :-)
BobBrooks Premium
Great Post congratulations on how far you've come. December was a very busy month.
Thanks again
darajeanne Premium
Thank you!
AlexEvans Premium
Great up date, things are going really well. I like your perspective on the profit loss, something we all should bear in mind .
darajeanne Premium
It would cost a lot more to open a brick and mortar business, right?
Isabella18 Premium
Darajeanne, wonderful update. After checking out your site I was wondering how you would do in December. I think your site offers ALOT of value to your niche market and you are on the right track as far as identifying what will make the difference. If I was going to bet on people that will see significant success in 2016, you would be solidly in that category.
Happy, healthy new year to you and your family,
darajeanne Premium
that's so sweet Isabella! Thank you!