Black Friday offer

Last Update: November 29, 2015

Thank you WA for providing the first black Friday deal that's ever interested me, 12 months membership practically half price.

Onwards and upwards.


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Loes Premium
Great!! Congratulations Dan, I wish you a very successful 2016
nathaniell Premium Plus
Sweeeeet. Congrats man. That is an awesome deal, isn't it?

Glad to hear that you are committed to the next 12 months of your business. I'm really looking forward to watching your business grow and and seeing you reach your goals!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Congratulations Dan, a new chapter begins.
WalkerSusan Premium
There is no question that you will find your premium membership worth every penny - you lucky devil you! Enjoy your path. I certainly am.
Danmez Premium
Many thanks, glad to hear you're enjoying your journey too.
Sheila50 Premium
Hey Dan,
It is a great offer and definitely a great value! I paid full price a few months ago, so you are the lucky one!
Keep going forward and you will succeed!
Danmez Premium
Many thanks Sheila, they say the harder you try the luckier you get, if your putting the work in you'll get you're slice of luck too.
Thanks again.