I got a Threat From Fiverr?

Last Update: November 19, 2018

Hi WA friends,

I just opened my email and see that some "person" force me to buy their services or they will make negative backlinks to my site. Of course that I will not buy anything but is it possible that someone can badly affect my site?

Daniel :))

If you can't read, right click and open image in a new tab.

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Xaric Premium
You could also report this to Google as well, as the sender is using a gmail account.

Get them banned ;)

MikeMahaffey Premium
Fiverr is a reputable place to do business online >>> so you should report this immediately and let them attend to the matter.
danijel95 Premium
Yes, I have reported them, thank you!
Joy3 Premium
Yes . Report it
JohnCrossley Premium
Report it to Fiverr, it might just be a idle threat. But it needs reporting.
neilrc Premium
I'd just report the loser to Fiverr and have them investigated.

As for the negative SEO thing, some marketers say it doesn't have any impact on rankings. But I recently spoke to an SEO marketer who said that it can still impact your site.

So I don't know what to believe.
danijel95 Premium
Thank you, I will report it immediately.