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Hi WA family,We are all aware of health sites been penalized by Google and that is nearly impossible to rank if you are not an expert or authority but even authorities who are for so many years in that field are penalized.I have a health-related website who is 21 months old and I am of course affected. I still rank for some terms but I am on 10-20 visitors per day which is crazy. I am in doubt what to do, should I sell my website, should I continue to work on it? Should I start everything from
Hello folks, today I created a new post and I wanted to submit URL to Bing but it shows some error (image below)Anyone knows something about that or is it maybe some lag? That never happened me before.
Hi WA folks,I wanted to share some nice results with you regarding my webiste and encourage all folks who are starting or not seeing results yet. There is only one thing you need to do and that is to FOLLOW THE TRAINING! Nothing else.My website is health related (weight loss) and today I saw in GA (image below) that I achieved 100 visits in one day and that was some nice spike! :)It is 100% SEO, I am doing a little of Pinterest and nothing else.I want to say that I achieved my first 100 visits
April 06, 2019
Hello folks,I just wanted to tell everyone who still does not use Pinterest they should.I made a simple pin in Canva and I could not believe that Pinterest can bring me so much visitors. (Check the image below.)That article is my best of post and this pin helped me to earn money from Amazon.You can see that pin is very simple, no images or colors, just my TARGET keyword.I can't remember right now but type Pinterest training in the search box above and you will find awesome Pinterest trainings.
Hi folks,I got a message from Search Console but honestly I don't understand what this mean. It is something about product review articles. Currently this warning shows for 12 product review pages.I think that it maybe has something with new search console?Is it dangerous? Anyone know something about this?Thanks in advance.
Hi WA friends,I have one question regarding Amazon. My website started to bring 50 visits/day and I am sending visitors to Amazon but I am ont satisfied with conversion rate. In one month I got 50 clicks to Amazon but no sales. I don't know am I doing something wrong or why would people click on the button to buy and than just leave.I started doing more product reviews and most of the cliks to the Amazon are from product reviews.I would like to hear your opinion or advice what should I do? Is i
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December 11, 2018
Hi guys,Today I have finished one of my product reviews and I requested comments. I was very satisfied with comments until I done Copyscape on that article. I found that person was on Amazon, found my product and copied one customer review and pasted it in comment section because it was hard to him to give honest comment.I was very surprised and disappointed because this surely can harm my site as Amazon has very strict rules and they could ban a site because of this. Of course, I deleted that
December 02, 2018
Hi WA family,I just wanted to share some nice results with you which are very important to me.The article that I wrote in July is ranked on the first page in Google but what is more interesting is that I am not ranked only for my target keyword but also for one super competitive two-word keyword.And here is my article:I did not do anything except following the training here. I am also in very competitive niche but results are here.Anyone can succeed with absolutely any niche but I think that ti
Hello WA friends,I just wanted to confirm that WA is a truly awesome platform. For years I was trying to make money online with many programs, softwares, platforms but really nothing worked. With WA, I made my first dollar. Although my webiste is fully Amazon niche related that didn't stop me to earn through WA affiliate program.Definitely anyone can earn money here but I think that time is most important factor. I wanted to quit at 3th month mark and 6th month mark because I was not seeing any
November 19, 2018
Hi WA friends,I just opened my email and see that some "person" force me to buy their services or they will make negative backlinks to my site. Of course that I will not buy anything but is it possible that someone can badly affect my site?Daniel :))If you can't read, right click and open image in a new tab.