Why I Hate Alcohol, Ale Houses and Bars!

Last Update: June 06, 2019

People get stupid!! This is one thing that remains unchecked since the wild west! I stay away from it all - and for good reason!

Last month my brother-in-law died. He tripped and fell head-first onto a car. It broke his neck. This caused brain death.

My niece went to Massachusetts where this occurred. He did not survive. This was unfortunately an accident. It had nothing to do with alcohol.

Last week my niece returned home here in Florida. She and her husband were very happy to re-unite after that trip. Tuesday night, even though the husband does not drink, took her out for dinner and a good time.

Then this...



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JoePlale Premium
UGH!!! .. That Sux :-(

I have been on both sides (of the drinking/drugging life) .. ‘tho I do Neither, for Many Moons now.

All I have to say (with some passion):
“I Hate Drunks And Druggies” !!!!!!

....... ‘nuff said ?!?!

chief14nj Premium
I am so sorry for your losses, But, as my profile says i am a contractor and after a long hard day there's nothing like coming home to a nice cold beer.
I know i do not fall into the category that you speak of but one must know their limits if out and about. I understand your concerns due to your circumstances but there are exceptions.
You have a right to your opinion due to your circumstances but that does hold true to everyone that drinks responsibly. My prayers go out to the one's you have lost and god bless you and your family.
I realize that cold beer is relaxing. It's not the same thing as getting plastered, and I've seen too much of this in my life to the demise of many in my family who never made it out of their 40s or 50s. It also came with my mother and father, drunken, my father thrashing my mother and breaking up the furniture. Nobody in my family who drank did so in such moderation.. I couldn't begin to elabourate on the .horrors we went through as very young kids often waking up to this.

Even having left that scene and gone into East central Maine, watched the Micmac Indians systematically destroy their lives, alcohol being the central object of their lives. One morning I came out of our cabin because I heard laughing. One had fallen asleep in the outhouse and during the night, stretched out and kicked the door wide open. I've seen some terrible fights in New England late at night with patrons "taking it to the car park" and one of them having their head dashed to the pavement - all over stupid stuff.

I do agree that drinking responsibly means more like what you have said above about that cold beer after work. For me, I just don't want any part of it. I have been into it but short lived and I didn't like the feeling. Moreover, I didn't want to turn into a drunk and ruin my life.

I started this and went on to something else. I began this reply hours ago but now it is nearly midnight. I still can't get what happened out of my mind. Will put on a queue of documentaries to take my mind away from it when in bed. Today was better. I wrote this and it helped and talked with my sister on the phone about happy things, making her laugh.

I know one thing for sure. Alcohol is something to be respected and the only alcohol I use is for cleaning out cuts and abrasions on my body when it happens. :)

CRitsema Premium
Sorry for your loss!

Bottom line, don't let alcohol control you, that is stupid.
You got that right! For me, I don't need it and I won't take the chance by even casually drink, because it can sneak up on you gradually and the next thing you know, there's a problem - if you ever come to recognizing it.
BarbaraBC Premium
I have to agree with you. Alcohol has done some damage in my family, one of which lead to suicide. There just isn't anything good that comes out of it.
Because of that, I don't drink alcohol. I eat chocolate instead!
PMindra Premium
Hi, Daniel.
Paul Mindra here from Southern Ontario, Canada.

My goodness. I was wondering what ever became from the last time you were having some challenges that you expressed here.

We have not seen you for a very long time.

Really nice to see you back.

I am sorry to hear of some of the heart breaks you have brought forward in your return post.

Everyone has to be responsible.

Thank you for sharing why you hate Alcohol.

I think you should reserve your views regarding the ale houses, etc because the owners are trying to make a living.

I'll say it again....It is about individual responsibility.

Sorry if I sound harsh. I owned an established (brick & Mortar) business that served Alcohol and the alcohol sales were needed to maintain a positive cash flow situation.

Nice to see you back, Daniel.

Stay awesome.

Paul mindra.
Well Hey Paul!

Are you doing okay? I have done some writing on here but usually taking part in discussions already started by others. I have been dealing with some health problems and family issues. The family problems, a large part of it, stems from drinking. I have been down on this for a very long time and try to reason with certain ones in my family about getting away from it. I grew up around alcoholism, have watched three generations of folks in my family die early due to drinking (and smoking as well,) and have seen a lot of violence at home and in bars. I find it heartbreaking to see some of the things drunk people do that they normally wouldn't.

I do agree with you that being responsible is the key but you know serving alcohol does come with those idiots that come in. Ale houses tend to be more sophisticated in their operations, including outstanding food and they offer more than the regular stinky saloon-type bars with rotted beer smells.

Of course, it comes down to the alcohol itself and the fact that there are people who can't handle it. It makes for uncertainty and unpredictability. The better bars are those that serve food, for obvious reasons.

There was a time, not too long ago when I would go into Shamrock's Ale House to eat breakfast and lunch but no later than about noon. This place was right next door to where I lived and it had excellent burgers and shepherd's pie, not to mention other dishes. I stopped going there because (especially in Florida) they can get pretty mean and it isn't uncommon that people get hurt. It is more metropolitan down here, unlike just about anywhere in Canada.

This stands as a warning about not being responsible, getting so inebriated that you can get killed one way or another, or in the above case, killing someone who doesn't even drink, there for the meal, and got pulled into it.. I am still very disturbed from what took place. It's alcohol and the people that don't mix very well with it. This is the main thing, inside or outside of bars. I felt the need to express myself even though WA is not really the place to be doing this.

No, you don't sound harsh at all. It is feedback and I certainly know and expect it after all, this is a forum. Writing on here many times has helped me line up my ducks better. Today, it just helps me relieve some pressure. The loss of my brother-in-law is very tragic to me and I think it will be awhile before I simmer down about the ale houses.

Thanks for responding :)

PMindra Premium
Hey, Daniel.

I am truly sorry for your loss and I do understand the negatives that can come about through the use of alcohol and other mind altering substances.

That third party, Benjamin Hernandez Jr. should have stayed out of the affairs of your niece and her husband.

What prompted him to intervene, I do not know. I was not there.

I did not realize that 'Ale Houses' down there, are places of violence. Here in Ontario, we basically have restaurants that can obtain a licence to also serve alcohol.

We do occasionally see some violence happening in 'Bar Only' settings like 'Strip Clubs' that are scattered around the province. Again, probably over indulgence but for the most part, though, no major issues are ever heard of.

If the situation between your niece and her husband had happened here in a public place, chances are that the authorities would have been called in, and here, they arrive very quickly.

Don't really know what more to add, Daniel.

Stay strong, and stay the course.

Thank you for sharing.

Your friend from up North.

Thanks Paul :) Ale houses down here are similar. They have full-fledged restaurants but in this case, the violence occurred in the restaurant part when Hernandez, who was sitting at the bar, heard the arguing. My niece and her husband did talk loud when they were in disagreement, and the sad thing - the argument was about movies that had been to at a theatre earlier that day.

They certainly should have been left alone. Her husband did whisper in her ear that they should leave but she did not want to leave. Sadly she feels guilty of this. Then it happened.

There are people down here that just do not have a clue and making matters worse, that area is very close to Disney, so it is full of tourists, some of which are not very desirable.

I do appreciate the discussion! Many thanks.

PMindra Premium
Try to have a good week end, Daniel.
Again, condolences and heart felt sorrow for your loss.

Kindest regards,