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Last Update: September 14, 2013

...if you know what's good for your business!

Back at McDonald's, I only have a few minutes to do anything online.

It's just one more rant, but I hope many of you learn from this and the point I have about it. As a number of you know, I've been strugging to make it online for a long time. I'm now making money consistently every month and this is great! I know it will only get better, but not without having to work that much harder for it.

The network back home is now fixed and is showing in my list of available networks. The clincher...

Either my landlord or his daughter-in-law had the security code changed. I am not to mention anything more about Internet access. I will simply be ignored or asked to change the subject. If I get on there again, my landlord's son, who knows that I'm trying to maintain a business, will do the talking.

Why is it like this?

I opened my mouth about my agenda. Last evening I was listening to Brian Tracy in one of his renowned audio recordings.

One of the things covered in the lessons: Keep Your Mouth Shut! Sadly people are not going to take to anything you do that is outside of normalcy.

I know this is the same song, same dance, but different day. It's a Saturday and once again, I will be at work as we are trying to get a house finished. We are way behind and there are many loose edges that need to be resolved.

This has been taking the lion's share of my time and energy. I'm not a young pup anymore and the hard work takes it toll on me. Albeit, I've become somewhat acclimated to it and have had some reserves of energy at the end of the day to move forward with my business.

I resolved to do this. Then, BAM! Lightning struck the modem and since, I've had two days at home on the Internet. I came home two days after the network was restored and found it down.

Here it is four days later and though it's back up, I'm not on the network anymore.

My landlord apparently has decided (an enactment of his dialog with me) that I must do more productive things with my time. One of these things is to be out looking for a permanent job and not sitting at home trying to collect checks from online ventures.

How many of you have spouses that hound you because you are out of a job and have discovered the world of online business? To most people who still think the Internet is a cesspool of everything evil that can be found on this earth (a neighbor thinks I've given way to the Devil by being online trying to build a business.) sitting behind a computer writing articles and networking with folks of like mind is a shameful, low thing to do, when not employed.

Most people still think that the thing to do is go to school, get good grades and then land a job with good pay. Work hard and build up a nest egg pension and 401K. Live for your employer and be loyal to him.

Whilst this all sounds good, it has serious flaws as many of us on here know.

The bottom line...

You bring up your aspirations to the wrong people, you will get shot down. These people will do what they can to pull you down with them. Whether it be from jealousy or total ignorance, people don't like to see their peers rise above them. After all, most people are socialistic and on the same level. It's this way even here in the US. Most people think that we owe debt to society and we need to pay it forward by working hard in a job, after all, it's all part of supporting the antiquated system.

Unfortunate for me, the one who thinks the best thing I should do with all my free time is be out looking for jobs rather than build businesses, has the switch and has thrown it.

It's under the pretense that I've abused my privilege by complaining every time the network went down. The last time here, my landlord's son wouldn't have known the network was down if I didn't bring it up. For me, it's simply my efforts to keep the gateway to success open in a more convenient thing.

I'm sitting here now in the McDonald's. At the next table there are four people talking stupid stuff about work and other people. Such productive talk! That's the way it is in the employment world. It's not much to look forward to. These people have no idea. Last night I tried asking someone who had been fired from his job over a squabble about his boss throwing some of his equipment on the ground. I tried to rest my case with him, but the only thing I got back was, "I never read books. I work with my hands." He's taken. there's nothing I could say to get him to educate himself.

It's like trying to sing to pigs. I would be wasting my time and annoying the pigs.

These people on here are discussing how one of them told her mother that she was going to be working at 8:00. Another says that she has never been late...ever. Great work ethics but I consider myself very fortunate that I have the education that I have and that my very mind has been "poisoned" against the world of mediocracy.

These people are not living for themselves. They are living lives meted out to them. Sad! So utterly sad! And I'm to aspire being clothed in some stupid uniform and giving homage to the very place where I'm now writing.

Being vocal about my aspirations and business intentions has gotten me off the Internet at home. It's meant to deter me from not being out looking for that fabulous position of having to give most of my waking time to an employer. Whilst the consumer world goes on about me as I sit here, they sit there in front of me and continue to talk about other people and who's supposed to start at what time, and talking about some other person trying to go to school to become a lawyer. Such is the world of mediocracy. The television overhead is blaring the news and McDonald's commercials.

I'm here on this Saturday morning, my boss had just called and I have an extra half hour.

Do yourself a BIG favour.

The very best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to keep it to yourself. If you are working in a job, keep silent. If you have an alibi to whom you can talk to and is of like mind, then by all means, that's more support for you and that person. Go for it! But heralding your business ventures when you are just starting out and just beginning to make the grade spells disaster!

It's a bunch of BS, but that's life in the real world. The less others around you know about your business, the better off you are! Take this from experience from someone who's been on WA for four years. I know all of this depends on me, but much of the issues I'm having with regard to getting my business off the ground accounts to others I've talked to taking action to get my round form into the square hole they think I should be fitted to. Like that brick in the wall...

They've left the table. One of them said, "I'm clocking in!" She had been sitting there all the time I've written this. What dedication! Too bad they don't know what they are missing. Ignorance is bliss, so they say. They get up in the morning looking forward to the next time they can go to bed. They have no plans. They have no direction. They live their lives in quiet desperation trying to look pretty in front of their co-workers.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to the Boot Camp and see what's next on there. Still working with the Jaaxy section.

With any luck, my landlord's son will plead my cases that the actions he has taken to get me to be out finding a job is really hurting my business. So far, all he can say is, "Too bad!" What he has in for Wealthy Affiliate is a mystery to me except that it's all about online business.

My online ventures are limited to the mall and places like McDonald's on a computer that won't boot up sometimes, keyboard issues at times, but does work. It's very limited being a Windows 95 machine with Windows XP having been put on it some time ago. I wrote this to encourage folks to not let life's dramas keep them away from what they love doing. Living life in pretense is one of the worst things you can do. Albeit that's the face all of these employees at McDonald's are wearing to work. There they go again, "That's ridiculous! Working only three days this week! That's pissing me off!" She is up now with her empty coffee cup in hand lounging over the gate to the back of the house.

She just went in...

As the World Turns ~

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georama Premium
Why I kike the blog because I am stunned. Compiling all your blogs will make a book HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR HARDSHIPS. Before I wished you Good Luck now onwards I will pray.
The only thing that is missing is the happy ending. A result of all my efforts so far in my work has netted me a little income since April but it's nothing to write home about yet. It is, however, an accomplishment and some small victories.

A book so far, on this topic would just amount to little. I already have a book written about going beyond employment but I can't put that out until I can show for what I've striven for.
teacup Premium
I understand what you are saying. My situation is not like yours as I am retired. However, there still is a need to earn extra funds. My family is kind as well but I have learned that the less said about internet marketing, the better. People outside of this business really don't understand it and think that it is either a pipe dream or at worst, a scam. When you are around other people it is best to find things to talk about that they do understand.

Hopefully, you will soon be earning enough from your internet earnings to upgrade to a slightly newer laptop and at some point your own internet service. I think that you have done well to accomplish what you have done with your limitations.
I'm going to have to move out of the situation I'm in now. It was tolerable as it was when they were letting me have Internet access, but now it has become counter productive for me.

In my situation, people don't understand what I'm doing. I've had a LOT of problems with this. I had another friend who is disabled let me go up to Toledo, Ohio to live there with him for awhile as long as I was able to provide my own resources, which I did. He let me live there rent-free, but his nosy neighbors took serious offense to it and would not mind their own business. I eventually got ran off from there.

Once again, I was "fooling around on the computer" sponging off my disabled friend. they drove wedges in so hard I had to leave in order to maintain friendship. They got his family involved and that made matters worse.

People think that, just because they believe paying it forward to society means working a full-time job and giving most of your time and energy to that. That's why I posted this.

You let too many people know what you are doing, they can turn on you and really make it hell for you. I don't blame them. It's their mentality. They were taught like this. Failure to comply with social convention of the masses gets worse when you find yourself, in some way, dependent on those who believe this.
Angelsway Premium
Boy is it some up hill struggle for you! I admire you so much! I wish I could post an internet Connection to you. X
Some day, my book will have a happy ending and will be complete. This is just another wrench thrown into the works by ignorant people.
coolcity Premium
Your resolve, given what you have to work with, is incredible Dan. I hope you have at least figured out that you can do most of the work offline and upload it as and when you can.

I wish I had some more positive help to offer other than to wish you luck in your quest. By all means shout if there is anything I can do to help but for now I won't waste any more of your precious online time. You are at least going in the right direction.
I appreciate the kind reply. I have to move. There's no other way around it. Unless they restore my Internet access, this is going to seriously affect my business. There's nothing I can do at this point but do what you've suggested, but time and energy is much more limited.

The job I'm doing now will only last Monday and Tuesday. The house is almost completed. Just a few loose edges now.

My site's landing page has already dropped in rank since last week. My rank here has also dropped. Not much I can do about it but keep trying to maintain it the best I can. Just get going and someone has to come along and pull the rug out from under. It's been the story of my life. So I'm used to it.
coolcity Premium
Yes, moving, if you can, sounds like a good idea.
wtbee2013 Premium
YEAP we are going against the flow, that is for sure. Keep up the great work.
Since I vvas very young, I have never been known to conform to the ordinary. I've always been out for the astounding, the different, the unorthodox, the strange, the bewildering, the zany, and most of all, the blazing of my own trails. I lived for 10 years in a shack in the woods in Central Maine because I could not cope with living a straight-laced life. I was strongly influenced as a young child by the hippie movement. It poisoned my mind way back then and that is one part about me that has not changed. It just went from the psychedelic lifestyle to entrepreneurship.