Rough Month So Far.

Last Update: September 18, 2018

I have finally reached the point of being able to work on my campaign this month. Everything came to a stop again due to home renovations I was called for to assist. The demolition of a shower and a linen closet, and rebuilding the shower calls for a new shower bed, concrete board and tiling, including a new linen area incorporated into a set of shelving built-in with tiles and stone, all meant one thing - it would be all I did each of those days from sheer exhaustion since mixing mud, etc is all done by hand. Construction entails three things - eat - sleep and work.

This was followed by another trip to Kissimmee, Florida to see my sister, this too, causing its share of backlog.

This is the first day this month back at it, whilst my sister and my niece involving themselves with a stupid gambling game that they spend most of their time doing. It's kind of funny that they get upset over the fact that the game sometimes resets and they lose their so-called "billions" in winnings (which isn't anything more than play money!

At this point, I am going after the articles I have used some of my keywords for and starting out with those. I have built out the outlines to some of them at this point and ready to complete these. Hopefully I will build out nine articles between today and tomorrow and then, when I get home from this little vacation, knock out the rest of this month's goals.

I am moving forward into the Challenge, behind as I am, am slowly gaining lost ground.

This is my report for this month and with hopes, the end of September, will show my results. I have also been building up my credits by doing SiteComments, so far, every comment I have made has been accepted. It will be interesting what kind of results I get doing this by requesting comments, whether I will get anyone to do comments for me here.

Hasta luego!

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smokeywins Premium
Great work Daniel! Even if life got in the way. I applaud you for getting back on track. All we can do is just take it one day at a time. Sometimes all Hell breaks loose, but it doesn't last forever. Just keep plugging along.
The trip itself has gotten in the way. I had hoped to knock out some of these articles but my niece has a daughter who is 13 years old and is an extremely selfish young lady. The music she listens to and the videos she watches on her mobile device are extremely annoying. In about an hour and a half, I will be at the bus stop where I will begin my trek back to Tampa and the quietness of my home. Getting any work here done was a complete flop.

I am however, starting a brand new campaign quite based on a dream I had the night before. I did get something out of this trip, even if it was from a dream in the night! It opens up a whole lot of new articles that I can write very quickly.