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Last Update: October 13, 2018

I will be featuring this topic in my campaigns. However, these things are worth mentioning here as it might help you with your business being that it can save production time in several ways.

I think one of the worst anomalies about Google is the free standard accounts that so many patronize. One thing must be taken note about these accounts is that these are consumer-grade accounts.

In my most recent blog post on here, I brought up the eventual demise of Google Plus. G+ is not going away completely. After the fact, it will still be available to those who hold G-Suite accounts however, only the $25/mo. package.

Some of you may have noticed issues with Google's latest roll-out of Gmail. One of the most complained-about features is having to double-login to such account. This error, whether intentional or not, cannot be fixed. There are thousands of complaints about it throughot Google's forums.

I believe those forums are there to allow consumers to vent steam. They only occasionally receive any kind of human support at best.

Here's the fix:

If you are having this log-in issue (I believe this is happening to everyone holding a standard consumer Gmail account, but I might be wrong about this,) you can do one of three things...

  • Put up with the light inconvenience and wait until Google fixes this (I doubt it will)
  • Change email providers
  • Go with one of the Gmail for Business accounts.

Is It Worth It?

Should you get one of the business accounts from Google?

You can use your domain's webmail accounts. You can get by with this. However, Gmail for Business offers custom domains for your email account that you can associate with your website's domain. It replicates using a Webmail account in your campaigns. You must have a website to do this. Outside of accessing Webmail through WA, which makes this task much easier than it ever used to be, Google offers this for use with Gmail.

You get more storage space on Google servers. I believe this is 30 GB for $5/mo accounts and 1 TB for $10/mo accounts (and up) If you have five or more users under your account, it's unlimited.

You get 24/7 Google support. You get virtually no customer service with free products in Google.

The products that come with each package (the more you pay, the more added) are beefed up.

Downtime is almost non-existent though the free accounts rarely suffer from downtime as well.

There are a number of other benefits. G+ will be available only for the $25/mo package, which probably isn't worth doing except for those who are making a sizable return from that venue. However, the $10/mo is probably the best value as the most expensive package has benefits and features that are probably more useful to larger businesses plus another feature that makes this very reasonable to me is that you also don't get advertising as you do in the standard consumer accounts..

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Elijah1916 Premium
I use mainly G mail, and have no double sign in problem my dear.
DebbieRose Premium
I don't use my Gmail account very much...but after reading this I logged in my usual changes or problems.
I'm dumping all these Google accounts. I have tried everything and it is intimidating that nobody else here is having this issue. The main reason for dumping them is to get a business account with Google which comes with support. There are tons of people on the Google forums with this problem and it's the same scenario that occurs with the free consumer products - everybody crying on other users' shoulders. Nobody has any answers in those forums or online anywhere, It seems Google provides those forums to keep people occupied even though stuff rarely gets resolved. In cases like this, there are a multitude of pages on this topic with not a single lead on how to resolved this issue. I'm getting all the data I want from my accounts and deleting them. I think my days of using free email accounts of any kind is over once and for all. Free is good, but you get what you pay for - and in Google's case - that means no support.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Daniel.
smokeywins Premium
My primary email is Gmail, and while I'll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of the new inbox layout, I haven't had any issue with a double login, which I am assuming is probably what is called two-factor authorization. It does add an extra layer of security to your email account, but it does make it impossible to add your email to a smartphone. It will throw an error when you try to open your inbox on anything other than a computer.

It can be disabled, but this occurs within your Google account itself. Not Gmail.

Under account Security, there is a section called Sign in & security, Signing into Google specifically. Two Step verification will need to be disabled. This should solve the issue.

I have not signed up for a new Gmail account recently, and have not had problems since my account is grandfathered before the changes. So I don't know for sure if they have forced the authorization moving forward.
I immediately went over there when I came home and found your reply.

Nope, Two-step verification is off.

What happens is that it goes in and begins to load and at any random place during the time of the progress bar, it dumps me back out to the list of Gmail accounts. I then, have to log in again and then it goes through.

This happens on all of my accounts. Maybe this error is affecting certain IP blocks and not others.

If I sign out and sign into an account I had been in prior to the one I came from, provided not too much time has passed, it will go in the first time. Else, the double thing occurs just about every time.

Interesting you haven't had the issue. I have tried different browsers, resetting Chrome, not to mention clearing browsing data by clearing the cache & cookies, restarting the computer, resetting my Internet connection...

Nothing works. It is not a huge big deal but it is annoying. This issue started happening when the update was occurred. When I reverted back to the old version, the problem went away, which is one of the reasons why I reverted back. When that was no longer available, I found myself stuck with the new version and the double login issue.

I am going to acquire the $10 package. All of my business, including memberships, excluding WA and Jaaxy, will go here. WA and Jaaxy will go onto an email account from a provider out of Norway. I will delete all of my free Google accounts after moving all of my properties to the new G Suite account.
smokeywins Premium
That is so odd. After reading your reply, I tested it in Chrome, which is where I use multiple Gmail accounts, and no issue. I guess I'll just count myself lucky. Moving forward though, I'll be using hosted email accounts for my sites, instead of multiple Gmail accounts.

So many other factors could be at play. The operating system, patch level, location, ISP. Who knows.