You Might Think Im Crazy-Im Just Honest

Last Update: January 19, 2019

Well gang I just wanted to touch base and let you know what my title on this post means.

As I look around the community I see several people doing really well and many are making a great deal of money. I think that is so great and I am so happy for those people.

However as a member of Wealthy Affiliate I think its fair for me to tell everyone what I expect out of my opportunity and what I would be happy with.

Okay before this just remember I absolutely am not crazy.

First off you should know that I am pretty sure no matter how good things go I will not be quitting my day job. I work for the Federal Government of Canada and lets just say the money is okay (not great) but the benefits and the pension are absolutely to die for and that is free money into my retirement savings every single pay check.

I have been around when the bottom fell out of an internet business where myself and my business partner went from making about $12000 a month to overnight making less that $400 a month combined.

I am working my business at a pace that works for me. I am making a little money. I am not making what I want yet. But here is what the entire article is getting at.

I will be absolutely happy making a couple grand extra a month. This would help pay for some things in life that are a little harder to attain. We do but this would help. The biggest thing it would help is so that we could travel a lot more.

Of course if my business starts making more than that I'm not going to turn it away but lets just say I am not and will not be relying on my affiliate marketing business to pay the bills.

I know many of you are going to have an opinion on what I just wrote and that's great because I would love to hear every single opinion.

Also don't take this the wrong way. I support every single person who wants to make a living out of affiliate marketing or any variety from anything they have learned through Wealthy Affiliate.

I just wanted to write an honest article about where I want to be and what I want to do.

Let me know what you honestly expect out of your affiliate marketing career.


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Sunshine1972 Premium
My ultimate goal is to maximize my earning potential in all my endeavors. I have seen way too many times where a 'healthy" person becomes ill and there savings dwindle away because they are not able to work. Not to mention medical insurance is not free in the US . The last thing anyone should worry about when they are ill is paying bills and medical expenses. But the reality is that is what people worry about the most when they become ill. Even more so when they have a family to support. I wanted to make money in sickness and in health, as long as I am living.
DaleMaz Premium
I get what you are saying and believe me a lot of the money I make online goes into savings. The only thing I would spend it on would be traveling or emergencies.
Azalea24 Premium
Nope, I do not think you are crazy at all. If anything that means most of us are a little wacked out. Seriously, we live in the danger zone, not the comfort zone. Only us chosen few can do what we do, everyone else is comfortable where they are.

Success may be a relative term, but it's a relative I want to be closer to!

Cheers to your success

DaleMaz Premium
I was in a great comfort zone that for me turned into a danger zone over night. I do know the potential and thats why I came back and am here to stay for a long time.
michaelvgATN Premium
Hey ,

Great news, great to hear how well your going. Keep up the awesome constructia you have and keep earning affiliate success within no time.

Yours truly,

Michael V
DaleMaz Premium
No matter what it is still one day at a time.
MiaL Premium
Ideally I would like to make a full time income with my affiliate marketing business.
I have an excellent job now and most people would say I was crazy, but it is my goal.
I will probably never give up corporate life because the money is very good, but I just don't love it. In fact it can be pretty stressful and at the end of day I want to be at home with my kids.
Everyone will have different goals and different reasons for wanting to be here :)
I would love to be able to have the choice.
DaleMaz Premium
I guess you are right about the choice but I know I would have to have a huge nest egg to ever leave what I am doing.
RussellO1 Premium
I had a teacher when I was in Primary School that always said that "honesty is the best policy". Your plans for you would work for you.
DaleMaz Premium
Yes they will . I will reiterate if I end up making crazy coin that would be great but right now I know my focus and my goals and for me I know that is realistic.