IIm Just Not Feeling It Today-But My New Website Post Is!

Last Update: January 19, 2019

Hello greatest community anywhere in the world.

Just thought I would stop by and say hi and tell everyone I'm just not feeling it tonight.

I have tried doing some site comments. Well they are coming out terrible so that's not fair to the writers looking for quality comments so I think those are out for tonight.

Tried commenting on some blog posts in the dash board but there as well having trouble finding the words.

Was going to listen to some training but don't feel like putting my ear buds in.

Wealthy Affiliate is the greatest place because no matter what you can always find a way to keep going.

What I mean by that is just because nothing seems to feel right today there is one thing that is coming a long great. I am writing one heck of an article for my website which is going to be a spoof on affiliate marketing.

I promise this one is going to make all of you laugh. It's going to be over 2000 words so its not going to be done overnight but I promise it will be fun.

Once again thank you for taking the time to read my post.

You are all the greatest team I have ever worked with.



It is now the next day and yep Im back. Had a great day with my grandson and now time to get back to work.

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FKelso Premium
You are focused on that great post, so nothing else really turns your crank.
DaleMaz Premium
Good point. This is going to be a great article. Going to have to sneak a way to let the community see it lol
TeriCalhoun Premium
Why can’t you just ask for comments on your new post? Is that breaking the rules? I have seen others do it.
porrasgelija Premium
Tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully you fill it
DaleMaz Premium
After a million other things I will get to it.
beachwood Premium
We all have days like that for sure! The good news is you can start your day over at any time! Tomorrow is a new day, you can CRUSH it tomorrow!

DaleMaz Premium
Its the great part about being the boss.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Dale, some days are like that, when the brain fog descends, there is no beating it.

I agree there is always something to do both here in WA and in our online world.

When you are not far away from the over excersion wall, I find just coming here and reading some of the motivating posts here in WA is just the ticket.

DaleMaz Premium
Yes Alex that is such a great idea. Especially with Vegas coming up. Great inspiration for every one.
Kerjackie Premium
Don't need to push yourself too hard, let's take some rest, Dale, it is hard to think outside of the box when not feeling too good!
DaleMaz Premium
Im feeling good just dont feel like working. Oh well tomorrow is another day.