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Well Gang. Some of you know me and many of the new members dont have a clue who I am. I just want to give everyone a little break down of where I have been. But really is it me or is it someone else.Two words: IDENTITY THEFTLast couple months I have been dealing with pure 100% no holds barred identity theft.Im not going to get into all the details because really I would be writing for days.However it really is a devastating crime. Everything from loans, credit cards to even a library card
Hey gang. I know this isnt about affiliate marketing but wanted to share this with anyone who doesnt know about it.I know, I know some of you are going to say you dont allow screen time for your kids. Well some dont and some do. I dont judge either way.I have no problem admitting the grandson that we are raising is allowed screen time. However the good news is I have full control over his screen time no matter where he is or where I am. Even if he is at home and Im at work.Google has a gre
There is a golden nugget here right among st us. There is someone who is as important as Kyle, Carson and Jay.In my opinion this person is one of the most helpful honest people here. She speaks with action. She runs a full time business through Wealth Affiliate and still has time to be an ambassador here.I know many of you know who I'm talking about already but if you don't you are about to find out The person I am talking about is LittlemamaIf you don't know who she is then go here to meet
Just wanted to set out a quick post on what I did a couple days ago in Wealthy Affiliate site content.I went in to see some of my old articles. I saw that they weren't indexed so I went in and did about 5 minutes of work on them and today I got an email that all three are now indexed. Just a little proof that we shouldn't just move on but rather we should on occasion check out past work. After all this was three articles that Google wasn't liking but now with just 15 minutes work I have thre
Last couple days life has been so busy but just wanted to let everyone here know that of course I'm still here.Nothing serious going on just life things. My grandson is a Ukrainian Dancer and he had competitions all weekend so that took lots of time.Then Monday we ended up having company. Tuesday took grandson to dance practice and that kind of took up most of my night.Tonight it was grocery night so there went three hours after work. I really need to take care of my time for a few more days
Good evening to the wonderful community of Wealthy Affiliate. Not sure about all of you but two of my favorite shows on television are Canadas Dragons Den and Americas Shark Tank.Lately, like in the last couple of months or so they have really talked about and stressed what is called the side Hustle.Below is the definition of what a side hustle is."Definition of a Side Hustle. A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one's full-time job. ... Side hustles are often thin
Well gang I just wanted to touch base and let you know what my title on this post means.As I look around the community I see several people doing really well and many are making a great deal of money. I think that is so great and I am so happy for those people.However as a member of Wealthy Affiliate I think its fair for me to tell everyone what I expect out of my opportunity and what I would be happy with.Okay before this just remember I absolutely am not crazy.First off you should know that
Hello greatest community anywhere in the world.Just thought I would stop by and say hi and tell everyone I'm just not feeling it tonight.I have tried doing some site comments. Well they are coming out terrible so that's not fair to the writers looking for quality comments so I think those are out for tonight.Tried commenting on some blog posts in the dash board but there as well having trouble finding the words.Was going to listen to some training but don't feel like putting my ear buds in.Wea
I thought I would put the question out there as to where everyone works on their home business.Years ago I had a sweet home office. I had a big cherry wood desk. I had a couch, a TV and had 3 flat screen monitors. It really was a sweet office. I would sit in there for hours on end. However that was then and this is now.Now, like I'm doing right now I work on my affiliate marketing on my 17 inch laptop, sitting on my recliner with my laptop sitting on a small lap desk.I have the recliner pu
Hey everyone. I'm Uber excited to be back. We all know what this place means to me.I know I missed so many opportunities to comment on so many blog posts but that starts right away as well as starting another cool post for my blog.However the time off last night was great. I got to go with two of my boys to watch our Hockey Team hang a spanking on the Buffalo Sabres.We had a great time. Drank some cool ones, did lots of cheering and so forth. However now I'm back in the wealthy Affiliate c