Vegas 2023 - Exciting Times Ahead!

Last Update: Feb 5, 2023

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Hello everyone 👋😊

It's been a little while since I blogged here at Wealthy Affiliate but after returning from the 2023 Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference last week, I wanted to share a bit about what went down... And more importantly, what's to come.

Based on what was discussed, I firmly believe 2023 is going to be the best year for everybody that's a part of Wealthy Affiliate. Everything is going to be moving in a direction that will not only help you earn more overall, but also to potentially actually see you earning sooner than ever before as well.

Before I get onto that though, let's talk about the trip itself.

The conference, as always, took place in the Skylofts at the MGM Grand. Even just experiencing that room itself is a treat, as it has an amazing view overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

And there is actually a bit of a story behind the room itself for me.

You see, before I joined WA I would visit Vegas quite regular with a friend, and we would always stay in a room that overlooked the Skylofts from the other side of the strip. Clearly, they were impressive suites, and so my friend & I would always joke as we looked out that "one day" we too would be in the Skylofts.

Then, fast-forward to me joining WA & actually making that a reality.

I was so spurred-on when I seen that the WA Vegas conference was carried out in the Skylofts that I was determined to make it happen... And, well, I did exactly that.

So each time I go to the conference I think of that & it gives me renewed drive. One of the things I truly love most about the conference is not just all of the amazing things & ideas that happen there, but the renewed energy I have when I come back.

Anything truly is possible, if you put your mind to it.

Now, back to the conference...

The conference this year was a little different to previous years. Usually we would do events (such as going to watch the Ice Hockey, etc) but this year it was more focused on dining, and general socials, which led (in my opinion) to much more group discussion & more ideas being formed.

Don't get me wrong, I love the events of previous years but for a change, this structure was nice & I think in terms of WA, it was very productive.

The food was also very, very nice too.

You may have already seen the pic, but if not, here is the turnout for the conference:

So, that's the conference, but what's to come for WA?

Well, one of the biggest discussions we had is that in reality, the process of affiliate marketing is actually pretty easy. It is something that anybody can do, it is something that everybody who was completed the OEC knows how to do, but one of the biggest issues for people is actually staying motivated & well, actually doing it.

And, of course, we understand one of the biggest motivators is money. Once people start seeing those first commissions coming in, their drive & motivation goes through the roof, and that's when their businesses start taking off FAST.

So the big question was, how do we get everybody to get that same drive?

And the answer is simple; help them to make their first commissions sooner.

So that is essentially where the direction of WA is headed through 2023. The enhancements that are coming are designed to make it as easy & as quick for newcomers to begin generating their first commissions. More importantly, WA is going to be moving a lot more towards "actionable" steps, so that people have an even more solid direction that they can follow as they go through the training.

I mean, obviously, the WA training is already fantastic, but the updates that are coming are really going to take it to the next level. For example, the Niche Finder Tool that was recently launched is amazing, yet that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I would love to say more, but I can't... But I honestly just can't stress enough how everybody here is going to be positively impacted by what's to come.

So, in short, you should be excited for the year ahead. VERY excited.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are part of something amazing. And if you keep taking action over the coming year ahead, you are going to be in a VERY good position this time next year.

And for everyone who attended the conference; it was great to see you again. Always a pleasure hanging out & I am looking forward to seeing you guys (and some new faces) at the next one. 💪

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Hi Dale,

First, congrats on earning this WA trip to Vegas. Second, thanks for sharing your perspective of the event and hints on plans to help members achieve success sooner. That will be a very good move.

Will these plans be directed to success in the WA affiliate program? Or will it cover other niches as well?

Thanks once again for writing this post.



Hi Edwin, the plans will cover all niches :)

Thanks for the comment.

Good morning Dale,

Thank you for your blog post, it's appreciated.

Congratulations on making it to Las Vegas again, it's great that you have achieved so much and of course, you made it happen! I believe this was your time going to Vegas. It's also encouraging to other members, like myself. It's always good to see people becoming successful, especially when they have worked for it.

I'm sure it must be great fun to mix with like-minded people! I can also believe that it gives you a renewed drive to keep moving forward, as you mentioned.

I look forward to seeing the new enhancements being rolled out, Wealthy Affiliate is already a fantastic platform!

Wishing you a great week and continued success.


Thanks mate, wishing you the same also :)

Hi Dale, I am glad you enjoyed your time in Vegas. I know that Kyle let the kitty out of the bag but it was brief so there are no worries. We do know that exciting times are coming up ahead this year and in the coming years. I remain confident that this platform will thrive.

Thanks Brenda :)

Sounds like a fantastic and productive time was had by all Dale!

Did you find the time to go canoeing down that absolutely amazing looking gauge again like you did last year if my memory serves me correctly, (which it doesn't more and more regularly as I age)!

Appreciate the report buddy and all the very best for the future! :-)

I didn't go there this year Nick, but I did think about it. In hindsight, I should have gone - but it was a little bit colder this year as we were there slightly earlier. I'll have to get back there next year though for sure.

And thank you so much, wishing you great success too :)

That's a shame my friend... hindsight is always a wonderful thing!!

I'm sure you will get there next year again, and who knows... I may even join you!

Take care buddy!

well done mate speak to you soon it sounds exciting

Cheers mate! :)

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