At what point in training do we create these?

Last Update: March 28, 2015

I have a list of things that I would like to know about for the training. I already got my lesson on jumping ahead of the lessons, so now I am asking first. It is not a huge deal about this, I would just rather not have to re-do it later if it is going to show up in the training.

So far I have found the training to be extremely well ordered. It feels like Kyle is following a specific plan of what comes first. So this is just a simple question to those who have gone before me.

I am going through the Bootcamp now (Course2 lesson 1) . I would like to know if these come later in the training:

  • create sitemap
  • join goggle, bing, etc Webmaster tools
  • create social pages like pinterest, FB, linkedIn, G+ etc

I have the yoast plugin which I can create both the sitemap and the webmaster links through but I would like to know if these things come later in the training or not?

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Inspiration1 Premium
My experience about the Boot camp training is as follows:
1. It is always better to go step by step as suggested in the training and doing the activities as suggested at the end of the training.
2. As you move along the training your understanding and maturity will grow and you may do the same thing better. So, better not to jump. Some little patience is definitely going to pay.
3. If you want to see the contents which are going to be covered in the coming sessions, click on affiliate Bootcamp then click on the phase and you will get the list of detailed topics going to be covered in that phase. For example, you will find that phase three is entirely devoted on creating social values and analytics.,
4. Sometimes when it becomes monotonous you may put up a question on the top help bar, search for the article related to a particular topics and learn it thoroughly. that gives some change and confidence.
Take little more time but do things with full understanding. Once your online shop is fully developed you may have the luxury of doing things the way you like. I hope you agree.
DaisyB Premium
Thanks. Patience is good.
Loes Premium
End level 4 and begin level 5 of the getting started course
DaisyB Premium
Thanks Loes. Is it the same instructions for bootcamp?
DamonKinney Premium
Yes you will be doing the first two for sure, that's as far as I have gotten.
DaisyB Premium
Thank you I will wait then instead of having to re-do