My Site is Indexed on Google!

Last Update: September 22, 2018

This is exciting! I just paid my months' full dues, starting my second month as a Premium member, and my site is indexed already!. I would say that's money well spent... There it is, as big as life.

I chose the picture of the hands for this post because this is how I see Wealthy Affiliate.

Having built two other websites, I can tell you the process wasn't pretty. On #1, I spent six weeks holed up with my computer, building both a website and getting my book ready for publishing. All the advice for authors say you must have a book and a website, so being a newbie author, I tried to do just that. The support for the website was supposedly there, but it was hard to find. You'd call the number and they told you to look at the helpsite. Help was a bunch of articles, and not a human. There were certainly none of the perks offered by WA. Needless to say, the website went nowhere.

For the second website, I hired a professional website builder. The price they asked ranged from $5,000 to $500. None of these builders offered the control I wanted, and after paying money (certainly not $5,000) to one of these, I ended up redoing all the content, anyway. I am proud of that website, I worked very hard on it, but it just sits there. I'm not sure how far this webuilder has taken SEO or anything else. Communication with her is zero.

All I want to do is write, not build websites. Computers are like everything else. People have different interests and are not experts in everything - like webbuilding. My granddaughter draws beautiful digital pictures on her tablet. I publish books. I don't understand her programs and she doesn't understand mine. I am not a webbuilder, but then I joined WA.

I'm still not a webbuilder because I have no desire to understand all the workings that go behind reading a webpage. But WA does, obviously.

And now I can write and not have to spend hours buiding websites. Yay!

The significance of the pictures of the hands is because there are actual humans to communicate with at WA! I read your success stories and see your financials. I got off the track somewhere in getting my domain working right, but rather than wandering blindly around cyber-ville, searching for answers, I posted my problem and people responded.

This is truly a great community, and I'm glad I finally found you, Wealthy Affiliates.

No hype, no glamor, no competition. Just good honest people working together.


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smartketeer Premium
Congrats Carol!

Well done!

Keep up the good work!

AlenkaV Premium
Congratulations! Best of luck with the rankings and the sales :)
derekmarshal Premium
Awesome Carol. Keep on it, use that energy and keep creating great content that ranks.
cwpickett Premium
Thank you.
Kyle Premium
Awesome Carol and thanks for sharing your experiences thus far. It is always exciting to see your efforts start to pay off. :)

Keep up the great work!