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February 01, 2020
Here's a hint on writing from best selling author, Betty Smith. She published A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in 1945, a novel about a young girl growing up in Brooklyn at the turn of the 20th century. The book was so popular, World War II soldiers read her book in the trenches. If you want to take a trip down memory lane and learn what life was like before the wars changed the world, this is the book for you. What compelled me to tell you about Betty Smith is the advice she passed down. Her daug
Or maybe like a heart monitor gone crazy.Up and down, my ranking goes. Up and down, my life goes. Somedays I get a lot done, other days none at all.The numbers are only an indication of participation in WA, which, I admit, is very weak these days. Too busy building websites and doing training, and lax in reading posts and making replies.There are so many things to do at WA, and I have yet to figure out how to do them all. It doesn't help that I'm single minded and once I start a job, I charg
Hello, WA Friends!I just earned my 6-month badge! Yay. Thank you all for your love and support, and to Kyle and Carson for their awesome idea in building WA. This is truly a great (the only place) to be for building beautiful websites.Now is a good time to update my progress, to write this blog I've been putting off.On January 14, I made a goal for 30 days, to see what kind of a website I could build in that time. Thinking if 30 posts in 3 months is possible, I wondered if I could write 30 p
Hi, AllMaybe it's because I'm unconsciously looking for them, but sites developed by (and about) Wealthy Affiliate members have been cropping up with my research. When looking for keywords for "affiliate marketers," I ran across an "interesting" review about WA, and when scrolling through the comments, there were A LOT of comments from WA members.This scam review was in the top third of the first page of Google, and of course, I had to see what it had to say. Then after reading the comments
January 17, 2019
Hello, WA friends! I'm back after a short break. The first six months at WA were a little overwhelming, and I needed time to regroup. Webbuilding is only one of my hats and I had this compelling desire to get a book out of my head! Thoughts rambling around in my brain, pounding, wanting out on paper, I can only ignore them so long.It took about two minutes to get back in the swing of things. The first post I read was "I made $12,000 last month!" Wow, how encouraging is that! The can-do at
The recent post from NewMarketPro on 25 Reasons to get Banned from Amazon Affiliate Program, presented a problem I've been struggling with.Rule #2: Using images from Amazon and uploading them on your website.There are several great posts in the WA community about how to put Amazon affiliate links on your website, but I couldn't find an answer as to why the links to images did not work, even though Amazon provides the code to copy.I would paste the code into the link as usual in the both text a
Word content. How do you know how many words are enough? "How many words should my blog post be?" is a struggle for many content writers. The internet answers this question in many ways. Another WA member’s blog on the word length of an article stirred me to do some research to see what I could find on the topic.This has been in the back of my mind for some time. The thing I don't like about long posts is that they take forever to read. Most of the time, even though the topic is int
To all the good people that answered my questions as I navigated through the maze of pointing my website outside of WA to the domain servers at WA. This website is finally up and running again. I appreciate everyone’s input. This is truly a great community. If you are going to walk the talk, you need to be able to talk the walk. True in any area of life, but especially true when working with domain names and websites. You have to ask the right questions, but sometimes you don’
As I begin month three at Wealthy Affiliates, I must say, it has been a great adventure. One year ago, I knew very little about affiliate marketing, so I built my website (a different host) thinking it would just be a "storefront" for better things to come. All businesses need a place to land, and as a beginning self-publisher, I read all the books and blogs on how to publish your book, and this is what they said to do.You would think writing a book is a great feat, but for all you aspiring w
October 02, 2018
Has it only been six weeks since I joined Wealth Affiliates? I keep track of my time as a part of my business, and since becoming a member of WA my work load has gone from about 20 hours a month to 60 hours! So I've tripled my input because WA has given me incentive.When I read the lesson on becoming an ambassador, I looked at my rank (17,000+) and thought, oh no, just to rank in the top 100 is a long way away. But since I've started posting more comments, my rank is quickly creeping up (no