Dry eyes suck. Way too much!

Last Update: July 23, 2014

Have you ever had that feeling where you think you have sand in your eyes and at other times your eyes water uncontrollably. I have had this for quite a while and have tried most of the eye drops and sprays on the market. They work for an hour at most and then I’m back to the old tedium. Some days are good and others not so.

Now three months down the track and working on the computer for much longer periods than I did before WA came along, I was noticing that the rocks were getting much worse.

I figured that it had something to do with the computer so on a bad day I went into the Optometrist’s and asked for an appointment as soon as possible. I got one 3 days later and it was literally an Eye Opener! (pardon the pun.)

Of course he would examine my eyes and fit me up with a new set of lenses (otherwise he doesn't get any income) and then he said…”When it gets bad, all you have to do is get a largish face flannel, about 12” square (30cms) and roll it up into a sausage shape, corner to corner.


Half fill your handbasin with hot water, as hot as you can bear with your hands and put the flannel in and soak it for roughly half a minute until fully soaked.

When you can bear to pick it up, gently squeeze about half of the excess water from the flannel and put the heated flannel across the bridge of your nose and hold it against your eyelids for about a minute. Repeat once more making sure the water is still very hot.

The result is really amazing and when I go back to the computer my eyes feel so fresh and my vision is so clear. He explained that when we stare at a computer we forget to blink our eyes sufficiently and we don’t get the natural secretions from the Melbomian Glands which adds a fine coating to the eyeballs thus removing the Sand ! Repeat & Rinse whenever the Sandman comes back again.

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PhyllisE1 Premium
Good advice. Thank you.
BIS Premium
Very useful advice - thanks for sharing. :) Beverley
RussStewart Premium
Great advice, I'm going to have to try that!
Berny W Premium
Most helpful Simon to those who may suffer dry eyes. Give it a whirl guys I am sure it will work.

I don't actually suffer from this albeit I am on a computer 16 hours a day - I must be immune!

Simon - I do however suffer from this when driving home from Kadina with the dirt in my eyes all day, so I will be trying this tonight as I still have dry eye from motocross dirt. Thank you - Cheers - Berny
CactusRocks Premium
I get the dry eye deal a lot from some medication that I take. I basically follow the steps in the post above but I place a small drop of baby soap Johnson's baby soap and place a drop in one eye and then take the hot flannel hot and a tic wet and was the inside corner of my eye. I dip the cloth back in the hot water one more time and get my eye as hot as I can stand and the take some Systane drops that have been kept cold in the fridge and put in a couple drops as soon as I take the flannel off go from hot to cold as fast as possible and the do the same to the other eye and after a couple of days my eyes strat to wet back up on their own. The Systane is over the counter right in with the eye drops. I have Glaucoma so it's just some more stuff I have to do