It's Friday. I'm Rolling Jack. Made A Sale on The Last Day of March

Last Update: April 08, 2016


I stopped checking my Amazon stats, because I grew tired of seeing the zeroes. In February, I got a few sales, and I thought yay! I'm finally doing something right.

Then March hit, I fell ill with Pneumonia, and my posting to my site came to a trickle. Whereas I was doing 4-5 articles a week, I dropped to 1 - 2 per week in March, all while being sick. Man the month of March was rough for me.

No sales in all of March, or so I thought. I watched my traffic grow last month from 17 - 25 unique visitors per day to 45 - 60, averaging at about 54 visitors daily. This was all happening while being hospital bound and then sick at home.

So I guess this is the only business where you can get paid while you're sleeping, and in my case, sick. That's nice to know and something to look forward to in the years to come once things do finally really take off.

Then I got a sale on March 31st. Found out about it this morning. I was happy that the traffic was growing, because that's a sign that more consistent sales will come. So that sale came as a pleasant surprise, being that I wasn't posting much, and I thought that last month was a bust.

But now I'm well, and I'm back at it. We just have to keep writing. If you get sick, tired, or both, just give it a break for a little bit. But do not quit. Because if it's working for me, it'll certainly work for you. I'm only doing what the training tells us to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

At this rate, it looks like this summers going to be quite nice. Hopefully. Prayerfully.

Keep at it good people. God Bless.

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Junkexchange Premium
Had pneumonia a few years back. Glad you are on the mend. Took me a few months to feel 100% again. Hope your recovery is much quicker.
Congrats on the sale!
Rod and Troy
dianegailit Premium
A sale....Fantastic! It shows how hard work pays off, even with illness. Glad you are feeling better :-)
PjGermain Premium
Awesome!!! Congrats! Onward and Upward!
WillyDee Premium
Hey C, Loving it! How awesome is that - money while you sleep. I do find the internet fascinating - no boundaries, not governed by time!
Keep up the good work, you're a real inspiration. D
CTisby Premium
An inspiration? Thanks for that!
Jazzi Premium
god bless