Day 6 of 7 - Expanding My Ideas

Last Update: Dec 16, 2017


So late last night I finally completed the initial training here at Wealthy Affiliate! Great big pat on the back for myself. Good feeling, but I feel I still have so much to learn. Want to look at some Webinar training here as well for some more knowledge.

However, I feel the groundwork is in place and I have a very good understanding of what I want out of my first niche website. I have a ton of ideas ready to go in SiteContent, and now the hard part is choosing what to write first. Think that's a good tough decision to have!

Ideas Are Brewing

My first site is a slow moving one. My traffic is building and eventually I will become more authoritative in my niche as time goes by. Tough part I feel with my niche as well is, even though it's based on budget electronic instruments, most of the gear is $50-$500. Not likely people will come scrambling to spend that much money that quickly. But that is really not my full intention with the site. I am passionate about it and want to help others based on my years of experience. If I make money, great! That is an end goal but I know it will be a slow climb.

So I have been pondering ideas now on a second niche site. Right now, I feel like I am in a good place to juggle two of them. Ideas are just bouncing around right now. Waiting for one to bounce on the wall hard enough so it sticks!

The ideas that I have had in my head right now are cheese, cured meats, preserves, pickling, and hot sauce. All things I love and can write about. I did some research and found that cheese, cured meats and hot sauce have some amazing affiliate programs to join. Feel like I am going to lose some money testing these products out. I am a sucker for foodie stuff!


Normally I would try to want to stick with a specific niche. But can some of these 5 topics go together into one site? I mean cheese, cured meats and preserves would go together. Possibly pickling. Hot sauce is a bit out there. Or should I stick with one for now and have the other 3 or 4 in reserve (still think I can do cheese, cured meats and preserves together)? What is your take on this?

Also, how many of you juggle multiple websites? Or how many of you have different types of niches on one site and try to make it all connect? I am very curious about how you all handle a situation like this.

Can't wait to hear from you all!

All the best!


Recent Comments


Okay, first, you, got me, thinking, about, food!! Cream Cheese!! slightly, softened...Pica Peppa...Jalapeno, apple, Jelly, or Picante sauce!...all, great tossed over block...
And, I, have a responsibility here!
If, I, add another...It, will, be a self, generating WAffiliate Site...for new members!! Sharing, what, been freely, given!
as, for, My site?... Mine, won't run itself...Must, have New info!!

You are right about doing what you love.

That's should be the priority, and as Kyle rightly said, there is a market out there for every niche. Don't be surprised to make more money with the first site than the others that will eventually follow.

I wish you the best in all decisions you make.

Thank you so much! I think tomorrow I am going to start up this second site. Should be great! Lot's of ideas for that one as well.

You are welcome

Great post! "Slow and steady wins the race." Anything that is worth while takes time to build. You have lined up some good ideas and goals!

I commend you for thinking about a second site. I love your idea! Yes, you can group the categories together in one niche with different pages. I am working on 6 sites right now and list all my sites on each others under a heading, "Visit Other Sites I Have Created, (other than one I created for a client through my web company). I have a cat site, an income site (focusing on WA), a ladies site, etc. Most have multiple pages selling multiple products grouped together on each specific page. For example, my cat site has different categories in my cat shop, such as cat health, cat toys, cat furniture, etc. I have my completed sites listed on my page.

Hope this helps and thanks for posting. See you around and glad to connect!

The idea has been rolling around in my head recently and feel like I have to let it out. Didn't want to pick just one because I think they would work on one site. I like MKearns idea for a deli niche as the overall theme. Then I can separate everything into different categories.

Perfect! Go with it!

Hi Chris, this sounds like the topic I addressed here: I am very glad I took a more broad approach so I can cover most anything related to cats (and even dogs since some of the supplements are made for dogs) on my site. It means I won't run out of topics so fast! Your domain name is not that important for ranking. Of course you should pick a great domain name (short, easy to remember and spell etc.) but it doesn't have to be super specific. Your post titles/keywords are much more important as far as ranking.

I am going through the turmoil of determining how to juggle multiple sites right now. I think I have found the solution here: I think you can definitely combine some of the foods into one niche. You should go look at keywords first and see where the demand is and how you can angle it to best include them and still get good traffic.

Thank you so much for the advise Jessica! I will definitely check out your blogs for advice! I love all of these topics and I think I can make them work together. I think I can handle at least two sites right now as I have built up many ideas for content on the other, so I am not at a shortage there. May give it a go over the weekend!

Go for it!

Make it a deli niche and go for it Chris!

You know I never thought that. Very good idea! Thanks a bunch!

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