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December 23, 2017
Hello WA community!Well I was off on a little hiatus last week. Actually, I started my new job and even though the hours are your basic 9-5, I was so tired when I got home that I did not have the energy to go online and work on my sites. Such a bummer, but I am starting to get used to my hours and getting back into the workforce after a 5-month unemployment stint.However, I have some good stuff in the works as I have started my new site that is currently a siterubix site, but I am looking to bu
December 16, 2017
To quote one of my favorite movies "Game over, man. Game over!". Is this the end for my writing, not by a long shot. I accepted a seven-day writing challenge, and I was determined to see it through to the end. Sure there were some days that I was thinking I wasn't going to write. Two of the days I even wrote really late at night, almost falling asleep at my computer. But I took a challenge and I was going to see it through.Plus I didn't want to look bad to the others that took the challenge as
So late last night I finally completed the initial training here at Wealthy Affiliate! Great big pat on the back for myself. Good feeling, but I feel I still have so much to learn. Want to look at some Webinar training here as well for some more knowledge.However, I feel the groundwork is in place and I have a very good understanding of what I want out of my first niche website. I have a ton of ideas ready to go in SiteContent, and now the hard part is choosing what to write first. Think that's
Persistence. Something a trait that I have developed more of in this past month, both within Wealthy Affiliate and in my job search.As a back story, I have been working in retail for over 20 years, mostly in retail management. Some people like it, I personally was starting to feel the stress slowly deteriorate my health. It is a job with a lot of demand and little reward. I guess you can say that it depends on who you work for, but for all the big chain stores I have experienced, the demand was
December 13, 2017
Since I have started Wealthy Affiliate, I have been unemployed and looking for work. I must admit that I probably spent more time on here and developing my site then I did on my job hunt.However, the clock has been ticking and I needed to find work quick. I stuck to my guns not wanting to have a retail job again, and just yesterday accepted an accounting internship that I start on Monday. Very excited about that, and while some may disagree, I have been looking forward to having a 9-5 job with
Jaaxy? Who is Jaaxy? Never met them!Just kidding. I need humor in my day after the night I have had yesterday. Great to have Jaaxy added for the Wealthy Affiliate community. Awesome tool and I will continue to use it often. Thanks Kyle and Carson!Ebb & FlowI made a promise to a challenge that I will continue to write for 7 days. I intend to keep my promise, but my blog today is a little more personal as I have to get some thoughts out of my head and on to paper as I process the information
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I have seen a lot of posts lately about SiteContent and whether or not we use it to write posts, or just write them in Wordpress. Personally, I use SiteContent for two reasons.First is stats. I just like how SiteContent keeps track of your writing stats and helps me stay on track with the writing goals that I have created. It's just a fun challenge for myself to try and reach these goals each time. Just helps me focus on providing quality content. I cannot believe the amount of words I have wro
December 10, 2017
So after having a bad day a few days ago and just stepping away for that night to take a break, I am back in creative mode. For the past 2 days I banged out an article and just now finished a product review.While my article was brief (800 words) it was on an update on some previously released software that had some new features I wanted to announce. First article I have done under 1000 words! But I got my point across and didn't want to drag it out.But I think I more then made up for that short
Just want to preface this by saying my "s" key is broke on the laptop I am using now and pasting each "s" in so don't mind the missing capital s's.I often see many new members asking for advice on what their niche should be for their first website. We have all been there, having our creative gears turning while we think about what to focus on. And that is a great thing because it will really bring out your creativity. Based on the training I have taken over the past month, and the amount of con
Today has been one of the first days in my month here on WA that I have not been very motivated to work on my site. I had an article. I had an article idea all lined up, but my motivation is just not there.Been a rough few weeks for me. Been unemployed for several months and trying to change my career direction to top it all off. Went on an interview today that went well, but I still left feeling defeated, which is the cause of my motivation block. My cat has been to the vet twice in the past w