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Last Update: January 04, 2020

To Change or Not to Change

To continue on the path of setting new goals, and list-making of things to do, things to update, things to change, things to improve, etc, I thought it'd be the perfect time to go back and visit my profile bio and make some changes.

Funny thing is... I like my Bio! Haha!

I hadn't read it I guess probably since I wrote it. Isn't it a bit odd reading something of your own, and not remembering what you wrote?! I caught myself thinking, "Huh. I'm gonna leave that."

Progress Made

Even though I do like what I wrote when I first came aboard the WA train, I felt the need to change something.

So, I've added an Update.

Now, at the bottom of my intro, I've included a brief message that is as much a note to self as it is for others.

I plan to make a point to read it periodically, as a reminder that this is a journey of growth.

Just like the changing of the leaves with the changing of the seasons, we, too, change with time. I read a quote this morning that I was compelled to share...

Because it's the New Year, and everyone is excited, full of new ideas and newfound motivation, it's easy to get up and at 'em.

But, with all cycles, there is a rise and fall, a back and forth, a give and take, an up and down.

So, when you find your arrow pulled back... LAUNCH!

Just keep aiming, and remember that this target takes practice!

Happy Saturday all,


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Dave07 Premium
Thanks Cris. This has been very good to read.
When life brings you back - launch! I am going to remember that!
cris1018 Premium
Isn't it a great one?! So glad you stopped by to see it :-)
AlexEvans Premium
Nice point, Cris and well expressed.

We all change and changing with our change, can multiply that change.

All the best.

cris1018 Premium
Not always pleasant. Sometimes awesome. Sometimes difficult. But eternally inevitable! We roll with it! :-)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
It's a great time for a change, Cris! I also love the quote you chose! Very nice!

cris1018 Premium
It is! And I'm glad you like the quote! :-)
ExpatMark Premium
I have been thinking I need to update my bio and About Me. It is 18 months old and 18 months at WA can change things.as you know. Good job and have a great weekend and a prosperous 2020.
cris1018 Premium
If you do, share a post! I'd love to read your update! Have a great weekend, Mark, and may we all have a prosperous 2020!
Joes946 Premium
Great post and great motivation.
cris1018 Premium
Thanks, Joe! Tis the season :-)