How to UNDO in Windows (SiteContent Trick!)

Last Update: October 07, 2019

While typing away this morning on a new post, I realized that I habitually performed a keyboard function that I routinely use, but may not be well-known across the platform because not all of us come from backgrounds where keyboard shortcuts are a common tool.

For those of you who regularly use keyboard shortcuts, this probably won't be new news. But for those who are unfamiliar, or never had a reason to learn them, these can be very useful, especially when you are writing a lot of content.

The UNDO Shortcut

The reason for today's blog post.

By habit, I used the keyboard shortcut for UNDO, and thought to myself "I wonder if everyone knows this?"

One time or another, you've probably had an experience where you've accidentally deleted something or moved something or changed something, and then (thought you) had to redo it to fix it.

Not the case!

If you accidentally change or delete something, you can undo it, even though there is no 'undo' or 'go back' button in the SiteContent toolbar.

You just click CTRL Z.

Boom. Whatever you just accidentally did, is now undone.

Keyboard Shortcuts Most Useful in SiteContent

Here are the most common shortcuts used when creating content:

  • CTRL X - cut
  • CTRL C - copy
  • CTRL V - paste
  • CTRL B - bold
  • CTRL I - italicize
  • CTRL U - underline

And this blog post brought to you by the magical shortcut


so you don't have to redo whatever you just deleted, or fix whatever you just messed up!

(Keep in mind that if you do something major, or don't notice something until much later, you can always pull up a previously saved version in your revisions, but this is an immediate fix for when you just need to quick undo something)

2 CTRL Z Tips!

1) You can use it repeatedly.

So if you made 3 changes and you want to undo all of them, just hit CTRL Z 3 times to revert back to where you started.

2) You can undo undo.

If you hit CTRL Z to undo, then decide "no, I actually DID want to change that," you just hit CTRL Y.

Easy Test:

Type the word "TEST" in your SiteContent post. Highlight and hit CTRL B. It's now bold.

Then hit CTRL Z which will UNDO the bold.

Then hit CTRL Y which will bold it again.

It's a small thing, but they do help you to be more efficient in your content writing.

Try them!

(I use these daily in Windows / Microsoft. Not sure of the possible differences on a Mac)

Did you know about CTRL Z?


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LindaBaxter Premium
Great post Cris. Even tho the Underline is not in the menu of our back-office posts you can use Control U and it works there too. I use them all the time too.

cris1018 Premium
Yep. Thank you, Linda!
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Cris, no I didn't and I really needed the underline, so thank you for sharing.

Have a lovely day.

Lily 😊
cris1018 Premium
You're welcome, Lily! Glad my timing made a difference in your journey forward :-)
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Use most of them!
cris1018 Premium
Awesome. I knew I wasn't the only one with a shortcut habit :-)
Twack Premium
Nice one Cris, I had no idea of all the ones you have listed. I do know that we can do a lot more with our keyboards. An untapped resource, as it were.
Thank you.
cris1018 Premium
Oh great! Then my job is done :-)
Happy I could help someone out with this today!!!
Fleeky Premium Plus

cris1018 Premium
Glad someone else appreciates the magic of keyboard shortcuts :-)