Abusive Members At WA - Really?

Last Update: March 10, 2019

I Was So Happy Site Comments Seems To Be Back On Track

I happily started requesting comments this morning and received many great ones.

Then I went into my WP dashboard and noticed the red button showing I had another comment. Curious because I thought I'd answered them all, imagine my surprise when I saw a very abusive message left on my site because I had disapproved a comment from a WA member.

The commenter was pretty unhappy bacause I had ruined his 'perfect acceptance' score by disapproving his comment. He then added that I should check the guidelines for giving comments, called me a "F.....g Retard" and said that I didn't know how to answer questions on my own topic.

But here's the thing.......

I did not tick the circle requesting questions about the topic. I KNOW that the training tells us to ask questions in our comments to encourage engagement etc. HOWEVER, there are options to tick when you request a comment and one of them is to request questions about the topic. If you haven't ticked that circle, it means you don't want questions.

The point is, you have an option whether you want questions in the comment or not and commenters need to take the time to check what type of comments are being requested.

And to the abusive commenter hiding behind a made up email address to leave an abusive comment on a fellow WA'ers site........ I ain't no shrinking violet, but seriously your language and behaviour on many fronts is out of line dude (whoever you are)!

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Tumzkui Premium
Sorry for that bt whoever did that should
Know that he won't hide for long they say a thief has only 40 days.
Wdcope Premium
No matter where we are there will be those who think by being rude they are being helpful. Seems, you had to encounter someone who actually proved they should have been deleted. I am sure you got many good ones. I would not spend another second on them!
laurenjean Premium
Shoo, Ann. Totally uncool. Whoever they are, they are not likely to last long here. Well done for not being a shrinking violet and tackling this head-on.
Crazyhaggis Premium
I’d prefer to have responded to his comments directly but don’t know who they are.
phil1944 Premium
That's very unfortunate, Ann and you're right, there's no place for abuse here.

It's doubly frustrating when you're right (about being able to not request questions) and they're wrong. Clearly didn't check what you'd requested.

Presumably the comment was left outside WA using a fake email address, so they're gutless as well.

I know it's hard, but all you can do is realize that you are better than that, dust yourself off, and move on.

All the best
Crazyhaggis Premium
You get all sorts everywhere and WA is no exception, I guess. Yes the comment was left outside WA, completely gutless!
Unfortunately there are so many ‘keyboard Warriors’ out there nowadays.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
What a crummy chicken
Crazyhaggis Premium