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Last Update: Mar 26, 2018

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I joined WA in Sept 2016 so it's now been 18 months of hard work and many ups and downs. I am writing this progress report to share my journey and if you have recently joined WA hopefully my story will give you an idea of what it takes to build your online business.

I had some expereince in affiliate marketing and building websites with WordPress before I decided to join WA. I initially purchased a system called Google Sniper which pretty much crashed and burned.

I did make some sales but not enough to see really good earnings. When I joined WA I was determined to make it work. I knew it wasn't going to happen overnight so I got my head down and started adding content.

1st Year Earnings

In my first 12 months I published 192 posts and my website had around 8 pages. I was very pleased see my earnings increasing slowly. In total, I had earned around $3000 in my first year.


And then I had the rug pulled out from under me!

My customers started experiencing payment problems with my IPTV supplier. Their credit cards were being rejected. Despite my supplier saying they had resolved it, after a couple of months my customers were leaving in droves.

My earnings started going down rapidly. I had to do something and fast!

I set about searching for a new supplier. I tried several but I couldn't find one with the same qualiy of service. And then one day I struck Gold!

The Future's Bright

I found a fantastic supplier with awesome commissions and a better service than my previous one! Thankfully, due to the wonderful training here I had spent time building my email list so I could now connect with my customers and try to persuade them to switch to my new service.

With this new supplier it meant I had to create an online shop instead of customers purchasing directly from my supplier. This was even better because I could set my own prices.

Due to the better commissions it meant I had some leeway to offer regular promotions to my customers and entice them to switch over to my service.

Traffic = Earnings

Without content you ain't gonna see increased traffic. My visitors are now approx. 300/day but I eased off with my posting for a couple of months due to external factors. I now have 246 posts.

If I had continued at the same rate I am sure my traffic would be higher but I'm not complaining.

Last month was my best ever and I earned approx $1100 which really pleased me. This month was a potential breaking point for me. I have just teamed up with another reseller who wants to move his customers over to my service. He has experienced the same problems with the same supplier I was with.

What does this mean?

When I reach 100 customers with my new supplier, the commissions go up! So, when this reseller starts moving his customers over to me, I should see a sharp increase in earnings.

This won't happen overnight but I am now convinced I can reach my $2000 monthly target before my 2 years is up here. I am expecting to reach the magic 100 number by the end of April. That will put me close to my 2 year target.

This Wonderful Community

I couldn't have reached my targets without the help and advice I have received here at WA. I'd like to thank Kyle, Carson and Jay for giving us this platform and all the great training that comes with it. And everyone else here deserves praise too for being part of a great community.

I hope some of you can take inspiration from this and appreciate the hard work that it takes. But in the end, it will all be worth it!



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That's a great story, Craig, congratulations! Looks like the hard work is paying off for you.


Thanks Wayne, yes it's starting to build up nicely.

Happy for your success:)

Thank you!

Really inspiring story. Thank you for sharing, Craig!

Fantastic! You're welcome Vesna.

Congratulations Craig. Great story! Thank you for keeping me inspired this morning!

Superb! Cheers Nick.

It seems a website with just posts without any affiliate program will never earn.

Too true!

Awesomely inspiring story Craig. It reminds me of the power of forging alliances with other like-minded people in your niche, and how you didn't give up when you lost some customers.

Thank you buddy, you definitely inspire me to work harder and smarter!

I've came close a few times Kaju but the inspiring stories I read here always help.

Wow you are rocking all the very best... Thanks for sharing and really motivating!

Rock on Paul!

Looks like that setback might have been a better opportunity in disguise. Good luck and I hope things continue to improve!

Yes Jason, 100% correct! I'm so glad I found it,

That's great achievement Craig and am sure you are going to achieve more as time goes. Congratulations

Hope so Paul, cheers

Thanks for sharing, Craig.

Cheers Roger

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