A little RAP For WA!

Last Update: August 17, 2014

Me and my Homies at WA, yo..yo

Learning and earning the proper way

Building our businesses for success

To become independent and free from stress

Just livin the dream, in every way

Help is around the corner before you stray

Kyle and Carson have set the stage

Now it's up to you, to turn that page

Don't become discouraged and lose your way

Follow the steps and it's sure to pay

Be part of this family at WA

Because we're going to take you all the way..yeah

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CraigsList Premium
Thanks guys, I'm not singing on video "worst voice ever"..lol. Maybe we can have our own version of "The Voice" here on WA. See what happens when you have insomnia!
nomda ploom Premium
actually, pretty darn good... now not-so-hidden-talents...Andy
Chris2005 Premium
Need video version. I don't rap very well without music. Great piece.
TerryAsh Premium
Someone needs to put it to music & publish it so WA community can use it as our theme. W2G craighoff! Where's Music Mom? She could do it & add some mo lyrics.
sherp Premium
it works if you sing it to the tune to beastie boys " no sleep til Brooklyn" or Areo smith run dmc version of walk this way
CraigsList Premium
I think the beastie boys is the go! I may have to add a few lyrics though.