You Too Can Be Successful With Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: August 07, 2018

A lot of new joiners to Wealty Affiliate wonder if you can truly make money using the training here. Really, you can make money anywhere. The difference is how much work you have to put in to do it and how long it will take you. As the old saying in sales goes 'You can sell 10,000 of anything.'

But most people want something more concrete than that. They want to not only that a few people are successful, but that many people are. We humans take our cues from the crowd and if everyone is doing it then it must be right (or at least that's a mental shortcut we tell ourselves)! So people would like to understand how often and how quickly people are making money.

Completely legitimate quesitons in my opinion. But it isn't so easy to ask a stranger how much money the earn no matter the context! It's a quite private question.

But, fortunately several of our WA members are nice enough to share their success stories with us! So let's not beat around the bush. While some of these stories are of course "big ones" it is important to remember that many of them are well within reach!

The real key is that you consistenly put in the time and the effort to keep developing good high quality content. You simply can't give up a few weeks in and just stop buliding new posts and new pages on your site.

So take a look at what you can do below if you're dedicated! This is well within reach for any of you if you can apply yourself!

Jul'18 Results: $4,373! It's Amazing How Fast Income Can Rise

Joined the 10k Per Month Club

Wealthy Affiliate Results - How I Made $2K in 1 Day Last Month

3.2 K Month - July Monthly Update

How I earned 9465.05 Thanks to WA

I made my first commission 9 weeks into WA

December 2016 - 8968

I Made my First Online $ Yesterday

So please do keep at it fellow members and new joiners! These folks should be big icons for you and you should take a note out of their playbook!

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dchapman3 Premium
You have to consistently produce quality content. I have a goal of 3 post per week, but lately life has not let me meet that goal. I am hoping to get back on track this week.
JamesJB Premium
That is more than brilliant...well done!
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you for this.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Craig,
Thanks for the vote of confidence!!! This is something I need to read each day!!!!

Tried and True

CravenATAT Premium
I love the positivity and motivation you have gained from others. I look forward to seeing what you are going to accomplish in the future!