Yearly, what a relief.

Last Update: Mar 25, 2019

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Going yearly, a good decision?

It was for me. I understand for many members, cannot swing the yearly payment. Even though the monthly cost of yearly means you are paying only $29.00 a month..I was paying almost $600.00 a year, paying monthly.$49.00, never seems like it making that monthly payment..Thats how it was for me, kinda got lulled into the easy to make monthly payment.

But frankly, this makes it a no-brainer, doesn't it? Convince me it does not.

Another benefit of yearly, You know whatever happens, you have more time, the pressure every month, fades away.

So in closing, if you are a free member, think hard about the extra training and everything else that comes with premium. Then go yearly if at all possible, maybe you have some left over from your income tax refund. Thats how i did it!.

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That would be a relief but I don't have enough of funds right now but it is something that I am going to do though. Yes, it would be a savings but with us living pay check to pay check that is kinda hard right now.


I definitely know what you mean. I was in the same place just a year. At times I didn't think it would ever get better. But it did. Hopefully your situation improves sooner than later.

Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate that. It will get better because that is the only way it can go so I have the faith that it will.


Mine was all taken by student loans. I thought I had 2 loans consolidated. I did not get notice then wham, 6,725$ gone! I tried not to borrow much, and thought I had the plan done correctly. I got mostly scholarships and worked my buns off for what little we had.

What really bothers me is they don't have all these kids to feed. And they don't need to invest in their business, I cannot believe that it's is even legal. I know I shouldn't whine of my debt or how they go about getting their money for it. But this strikes a cord with me, I could not help but point out it really stifled my spring break spirit. Because now with 2 broken down vehicles after running amok for home health, hospice and infusions, I am glad to be able to work from home.

And I did not learn beans worth any 6,275$ at one swipe in nursing school, never was able to study. All of it was review, did not seem like new information. I cannot count it as worth the tuition for the sneaky way the "Credit Adjustment" does their squishing of vulnerable families.

Great post, and my rant is just to say, if you get a tax return this is a great investment. You won't end up with sneaky student debt to kick you when your down either. I like your blog and style. I will whine elsewhere now...better yet, I'll keep marketing and hope for the best.
Kind Regards,
Nurse Becca

I love this most honest and make sense writing of yours mam. Like I said before, I dont drink, so I never drunken esp. here.
I'm with you and with all the 95% people that left behind. you're a here somehow, thanking you

You can whine on my posts anytime, Becca.

Yearly is definitely the way to go. I went yearly on Black Friday, as the deal was too good to pass up.

Great post. I figured this out 3 months after joining and took advantage of the Black Friday deal. The pressure of monthly fees have disappeared, and your year expenses are reduced literally by half. It's the best option ever, to go yearly.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I perfectly relate to how you feel right now.

Thank you

There's definitely great benefit in the yearly subscription.

Thank you Valerie

It’s a smart decision for sure!

Thank you Mia

May 11, my anniversary yearly date!

I always knew you were a smart guy, Mike

Congratulations on going yearly! I know it can be difficult at first to swing it until you start doing the math. That was me as well. So glad I went yearly though!!

Glad you made the choice to go yearly!

Thank you Kay

Hi James,
That sounds like good advice going yearly. The math didn't seem quite right.

Are saying $29 x 12 months was over $600?

If so that would be about $348

I want to go yearly but I am on a fixed income. Hopefully, I can make some money and upgrade. Pray for me.....

Mine was 49 per month with yearly works to 29. Did not explain that properly, sorry. Thanks

My fault James. I forgot about the other amount.
Nice info Sir...I appreciate it very, very much!

Great decision, James! Now the fun begins!


Thank you Laurie

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