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April 10, 2019
Made the top 200. (again), but it has been awhile. Just squeaked in with a 197. (remind me to play that number tonight) I would like to say that this accomplishment took hours of hard work and determination. But I am quite certain I haven't done any of that lately.In any event I am grateful for this honor and will de my best keep up with whatever it was that put me here. And as usual Thank you for your support.
April 05, 2019
I have been accepted in the 2020 Super affilite challenge, I am very happy about this, i have been sitting in my comfort zone, twidling my thumbs,letting my eninge idle too long.I am getting prepared, have put the horse in long term storage, and have taken my name off the available list for cattle drives for the next year. I AM COMMITED. Maybe thats I should be commited? ha ha.I am working on a schedule and to do lists. I am re rading past training. Today i will be writing an article.Oh yeah,
March 25, 2019
Going yearly, a good decision?It was for me. I understand for many members, cannot swing the yearly payment. Even though the monthly cost of yearly means you are paying only $29.00 a month..I was paying almost $600.00 a year, paying monthly.$49.00, never seems like it making that monthly payment..Thats how it was for me, kinda got lulled into the easy to make monthly payment.But frankly, this makes it a no-brainer, doesn't it? Convince me it does not.Another benefit of yearly, You know whateve
March 22, 2019
Good Day, Thought that i would share for items i came about in my surfing lately.For some time i wondered why I did not become a cheesesteak or a beer? I try not to dwell on that.We all know what this means and that it is true. Think the good, success thoughts..Do you know where your breakthrough begins? Your breakthrough begins where your excuses ends. — Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow DisorderThis, I thought, From Patience Johnson is likely true of many of us.If you a
March 19, 2019
I have been gone for sometime. Been through some very rough time for the last 11 months.But it is times like this that you learn more about yourself, i believe. I learned i am actually an idiot ! Not really. Below is a note from the universe. I'm still working on that one.At all times and in all places, Jim, always be the first to smile.---------------------------------------------------------I feeel like Carol Meander posted yesterday, her ducks were missing. Mine havent been in a row for q
September 08, 2018
how to exceed your data service in four days!.Sorry I have not been around or very active lately. About 6 months and counting.Wife and I have fallen in to a bad financial situation. I take all responsibility. It will not end for about another 6 weeks or so. Believe me it cannot happen soon enough. But Social Security takes whatever time it wants.So where I have been is dealing with creditors and trying to save assets. I couldn't keep my head to focus on a single thing. I have a brief window to
Will all of you join me in welcoming Dale to Wealthy Affiliate. My first refferral. show just how friendly and helpful we can be.Thanks
The algorithms keep messing with me. Top 200, then out, then in. Now it has me in the top 150 (is that a group). been there 2 days, expect to move again soon. I will take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful followers for their help and encouragement.The rest of you I'm not so sure about...lolI should say I am excited about this, also somewhat apprehensive. This is rarefied air up ahead. Not so sure I am worthy. Help yes I am!Have a productive day, "cause they lead to success!No fa
On the eve of the next months training and tasks, I figured it must be time to let everyone know of my progress. I didn't have any! lol How could I not have. I have done more in the last month than I have done in any 3 months prior. I have been here about 1.5 years. My site had 12 pages when we started.Now it has 12 pages and 11 posts, can that actually be possible? this isn't one of those algorithm things is it? Did I fall into some other dimension?I spent way too much time on my logo. I belie
January 27, 2018
The hours of operation for this office have changed. The new hours are as follows:Monday thru Friday 9.00 to 1430. Saturday and Sunday remain unchanged and are by appointment only.Please note that the office will be closed Monday and Tuesday 1/29-1/30 as the CEO will be with his wife at the hospital.In other issues:The parking fiasco will be addressed in another memo, please refrain from using those certain finger gestures when you have trouble finding a space. We are working on it. .Insanity i