The No Internet Blues .

Last Update: Sep 8, 2018

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how to exceed your data service in four days!.

Sorry I have not been around or very active lately. About 6 months and counting.

Wife and I have fallen in to a bad financial situation. I take all responsibility. It will not end for about another 6 weeks or so.

Believe me it cannot happen soon enough. But Social Security takes whatever time it wants.

So where I have been is dealing with creditors and trying to save assets. I couldn't keep my head to focus on a single thing. I have a brief window today sitting in a bar (very quiet )

So guess i should get to work, instead of crying about the past.

Sorry, you had to listen. Not Really!!!

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There is more than one way to keep working- and finding a hot spot to get service is surely acceptable.
Also there is another way to use down time that will help you.
Use the ability to make comments to your fellow members on site and content. You are probably far enough in your training to have the basics for what makes either of these an important part of our business building work.
Then you can see what is happening out there, build credits to spend at renewal time, and that time always gets here, ready or not, and grow your network and skills as well. That is a home run for anyone.
Hang in there and best wishes.

Hi Cowboy, hope things are getting better for you. Wish you the best.


Afraid not. Still no internet and no money to get it. Keeping a positive attitude, in desperate situations.

Wishing you success and with the bad comes the good. J

Tanks Cheif, you are so right. Maybe the bad are too noticed.

Hi Jim, you’ll be back soon enough and I have no doubt you’ll give it your everything to succeed. We are all here to wish you on.

Thanks so much, hopefully soon, I will return.

Let's hope the road is a lot smoother from now on James.


Hopefully that will happen soon. Thank you.

Hey Cowboy James,
Social security will play with my money also. That is why I am here. Trying to better myself and get out from under their total control!!!

Tried and True


I guess I did not make it clear, my wife is now disabled and we are waiting for her determination. Thank you for your caring.

Hey James,
When Social Security get around to it and determines she is disabled, that doesn't mean she has to roll up and die.
Social Security says I'm permanently disabled but I'm still out here writing and trying to better myself!! That is all I was saying!!

Tried and True


Many of us have faced similar situations, James. I'd guess that's why a lot of us are WA members...wanting to better our financial status and not wanting to repeat the situation that caused the problems. Good luck.

Thank you Carol, exactly.

You're welcome, James. Keep your chin up. Things will get better.

Hang in there! There's a smooth road ahead.

To all our success!


Thanks for the encouragement

Jim, you will be back stronger than ever buddy. Where there is a will, there is always a way:)

We support you 100%:)

Thank you very much. Means a lot to me knowing I have your and everyones support.

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