What is an About Me page? - Examples of About Me Paragraphs

Last Update: March 10, 2021

Hey, I am Lula.

What is an (optimized) About Me page?

Visitors landing on your pages need to be impressed; they are interested in one thing and only find a solution to their issues. You've done the hard work narrowing down your niche, finding low competition keywords, and creating original content not to spoil a vital detail enacting a proper about me page. You have few seconds to impress, or your visitors click away. And when they do, your bottom line may suffer losses, that simple.

For an About Me to feel awe-inspiring, first impressions always last; it must incorporate few crucial elements.

-- Be original, be you, and show your personality. Write as you speak—time to shine.

-- You need to know your audience well. Why your storytelling succeeds, it relates to them.

-- Showing them who you are

-- How can you be of help or service to them?

-- Showing them you aided others.

-- Inspire trust and transparency

-- Adding relevant media and perhaps a hyperlink of your WA Affiliate ID

-- An absolute must prompt a Call-to-Action

----- Giving it something they can use for free.

----- An offer they cannot refuse

Examples of About Me Paragraphs - Answer the question "What's In It For Them?"

The Wealthy Affiliate Profile page

Hey, thank you for reaching out to Lula's profile. My about me page of the Wealthy Affiliate membership site. I got my feet wet before in the Affiliate Marketing business, but I am still learning the ropes. Each day a new opportunity to explore and who knows which way the wind will blow. In transit to leverage processes and efforts for max gains, profits, and productivity. I wish you all well, success, and terrific days.

You may join me as a Starter, Premium, or Premium Plus member, and I promise I'd mentor you fast track your WA experience and path to financial independence and passive income. I am looking forward with great intent to working with you.

For the Online Entrepreneur Certification OEC (your niche)

"My name is Lula, and I blog about Country Living. I help folks in the big cities make lifestyle shift changes providing detailed analysis informational and review posts of what's it like living in a small town."

For the Affiliate Bootcamp (make money online niche)

"My name is Lula, and I'm an Internet Marketing Specialist. I help folks in their senior retirement years make a residual income working online from home by creating free video tutorials on YouTube and my blog."

For social media marketing

"I'm an expert at social media, and I will show you exactly how you can be too."

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Villageist Premium Plus
Thank you Lula,,great blog post I like the examples.
CountessCtry Premium
Hello Villageist and thank you.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Awesome share and resource, would definitely give the new starters much inspiration.

Thanks for you input.
CountessCtry Premium
Hello Abie and thank you.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
Jenny28 Premium
Hi Lula,
This is a great post. The about me page is so important, the examples you give will surely help give inspiration and ideas to anyone struggling to write their about page. Thanks for sharing.
CountessCtry Premium
Hello Jenny and thank you.
I really appreciate your feedback and totally real and true.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
JeannineC Premium
When we looked at Google Analytics for a major company I worked for, we saw that the About Us page was one of the most viewed pages. It really encouraged us to expand our information on that page; to establish our expertise in the field, to ensure visitors that they could trust giving their personal information to us, to ensure that they would receive the finest results from our service.

I've actually chosen to make my About Us page a couple of paragraphs long, so that people know that I'm not a rookie at the topic. I share my credentials and successes, my passion about the topic, and my thought process behind the merchants I recommend.

Yeah, it takes longer to craft that page, but it's definitely worth it!
CountessCtry Premium
Hello Jeannine and thank you.
I really REALLY appreciate your comment, comprehensive feedback and onto which it made me think and analyse more and which I regularly keep sharpening my about me and other posts within site. I wanted write a short concise sample as I have covered this in the training. I am building my resources because down the line I want to get involved in promoting the WA platform and help retirees find financial independence.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
TCoxen Premium
Great article!
CountessCtry Premium
Hello Terry and thank you.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.