Thanks For The AppleBoss, Boss!

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I got to work this morning, still suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck (or whatever it turns out to be-I've got a doctor's appointment Friday morning), doped up on painkillers just to make it through the day. (just over-the-counter stuff, no need for concern!)

In the mail room, where we sign in each morning, what should I see but a box of fresh apple fritters, sitting on the table in the very spot which always means: "Help yourself!"

So, being as apple fritters are one of my favorite things, I did just that, and wrapped one up in a couple of paper towels for break time later on in the morning.

Since I had hastily prepared my lunch this day-A chunky peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich, and since there was not much chunky peanut butter to be had (I believe The Sue has been in the peanut butter jar!) I was grateful to have been gifted with one of my favorite treats.

I don't really call them apple fritters, though, ever since one of my granddaughters coined the term AppleBoss. Now both of us call them AppleBoss. I just like the ring of it!

I even ask for them by that name at the 7-11, which usually brings a raised eyebrow from the clerk.

So, if you've got a business, and can do a little something extra for your employees from time to time, by all means, do it! Believe me, they will appreciate it

Thanks for the AppleBoss, Boss!

The pinched nerve was hangin' on my neck

Like an Albatross,

But, when I got to work, right there on the table

Sat a warm, fresh AppleBoss!

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45're a poet, too (as most musicians are)! Any kind of doughnut makes all my pains go away.

Feel better,

Yeah, Debbie, doughnuts are great in moderation. Thanks!-Rick. :)

What is moderation, again?:))

It doesn't apply to you, Vera. You can go all out! :))

I am already out. I stopped eating doughnuts, and cookies, and cakes, and puddings... well ... almost..(Did I use this word already?)
I am not talking about chocolate, apple pies, meat pies, pancakes though...:))

Hey....wait a minute...why do I have to moderate my intake! Lol.
Actually. I too, have stopped eating all the things I love!

You forgot, Debbie. It was Rick who started all this:

cosmicradio Premium a day ago @Droseh Yeah, Debbie, doughnuts are great in moderation. Thanks!-Rick. :)
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I guess no need to stop eating all the things we love. Just cut down on some things, especially things with excessive amount of sugar..:))

Rick....this is a no win conversation for you! All in good fun....actually, moderation in all things is a good way to go.

Sometimes not., I believe.. ...Not a win conversation for me either...all good fun. Where is our friend Paul , BTW?:)

Very good question.....working on his website I hope...I know he had some money issues.

Hope he is fine with his problems sorted out. Mushroom season is not so far away...:))

HAHAHA, great name for it, Rick. I love those apple fritters too. It's about lunch time here in Hong Kong while reading your blog and boy is that making me hungry!!! :-)


Today turned out to be pie day at work, Wayne-Who knew?? :)

Really good people are there at your school!:))

It's a great place, Vera. :))

Now I understand why you can't miss even a day, or part of a day...:))

That would put me in a diabetic coma.

Oh, man, Rog-Don't do it! Stick with the veggies.

Who says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. You have the AppleBoss.

Hope Rick will share...:)

sounds tasty

Yeah, they do:)

And they are yummy, Jerry! :)

Absolutely! :)


"Warm fresh Apple Boss"... Have pity, Rick. If a poet describes food, he is still a poet...Too bad for my starving stomach... I didn't eat much today trying to beat the cold...
And it's really good to work with such considerate people..
Like peanut and banana sandwiches.Alas! Much too fattening.:))

Hello Vera, I was just commenting to Patsy earlier that I hadn't spoken to you for ages. Sorry to hear that you've had the cold but I hope you are starting to feel better now. xxx

Thanks , Cheryl. Nothing too serious. Just usual cold. Pretty ugly thing, though...But it will go in a day or two I believe. The weather 's so changeable - you never know what to wear...I believe in your place it's about the same.Hoping for a spring...:)))

Gotta indulge yourself now and then, Vera-Your fabulous body will forgive and forget! :))

You are right. As almost always.:))

Thank you Vera and you are right, there is nothing worse than having the cold. It just makes you feel so miserable. xxxx

Thanks, dear. I will be OK soon. Just pray now that Rick will get the adequate treatment.Pains in the neck are difficult to be diagnosed.Hope tests will help.:)

No problem Vera, and yes I hope he gets somewhere on Friday and he will get rid of the pain. xxx


Almost? :))

Ok. OK... More than"almost":-) :)))

Not always?? :))

Now you are right....:))))))

Hi Rick, pleased to see that you managed to get a Doc's appointment before next week and the sound off your apple fritters was making me hungry, especially the fact that they were still warm.

I can relate to the Sue (Lily) being in the peanut butter jar as I often do the very same myself. Jar of peanut butter (has to be chunky not smooth) and a spoon, nothing better lol.

Peanut butter and jelly sounds disgusting to me Rick so no thanks to that one lol.

You always have had a thing for calling foods by other names lol. When you are treated to lovely things from your boss, then you know that they appreciate what you do and it makes you feel good.

Hope everything goes ok on Friday. xxxx

Thanks so much, Cheryl! :)

No problem Rick, you are welcome. xxx

The Sue is grape jam to your peanut butter Rick! Hope you're all right I could go all day on apple fritters!

Yeah, Mike-with a glass of chocolate milk-Mmm! :)

Sometimes it's the little treats and considerations that mean the most. I love apple fritters too!

They are yummy, Jeannine! :)

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