Franchise Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: April 02, 2017

Thought you might be interested in seeing what some typical franchise opportunities cost...

Is your niche represented here somewhere? If not, this list may give you some ideas!

Soccer Shots ($15,000.00)

HomeVestors of America ($50,000.00)

Mattress By Appointment ($7,500.00)

American Business Systems ($25,990.00)

Cruise Planners Franchise ($10,495.00)

Coverall (Commercial cleaning, $6,339.00)

Closet Factory ($150,000.00)

PJs Coffee ($75,000.00)

Instant Imprints ($120,000.00)

Caring Traditions (Senior care, $50,000.00)

All Tune And Lube ($25,000.00)

Dryer Vent Wizard ($20,000.00)

Postal Annex+ ($50,000.00)

Midas (Muffler shop, $75,000.00)

BodyBrite (Beauty shop, $75,000.00)

Retro Fitness ($300,000.00)

Jimmy John's Sandwiches ($80,000.00)

Expense Reduction Analysts ($90,000.00)

Paul Davis Restoration ($45,000.00)

Ace Hardware Corporation ($250,000.00)

Fresh Coat (Painting business, $45,000.00)

My Business Venture (?, $3,995.00)

Sculpture Hospitality (Coffee shop, $40,000.00)

Allstate Insurance ($100,000.00)

Hokulia Shave Ice ($100,000.00)

Synergy HomeCare (Senior care, $75,000.00)

Garage Experts ($30,000.00)

Salon Studios Beauty Mall ($200,000.00)

Club Pilates ($75,000.00)

MAACO (Automotive, $140,000.00)

Oasis Senior Advisors ($75,000.00)

American Family Care (Health and fitness, $550,000.00)

Telecare (Medical, $100,000.00)

JDOG Junk Removal and Hauling ($50,000.00)

Commercial Capital Training Group ($25,000.00)

Liberty Tax Service ($50,000.00)

Apricot Lane Boutiques ($150,000.00)

Minuteman Press ($75,000.00)

Mathnasium (Education, $100,000.00)

Bloomin' Blinds (Cleaning, $35,000.00)

Just Let Me Do It (Business services, $50,000.00)

FireMaster ($50,000.00)

Acti-Kare (Senior and health care, $49,750.00)

Cold Stone Creamery (Ice cream, $100,000.00)

Meineke Car Care Center ($110,000.00)

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning ($33,900.00)

Re-Bath ($50,000.00)

Duraclean ($35,000.00)

N-Compass TV ($25,000.00)

Teriyaki Madness (Food franchise, $200,000.00)

Blue Coast Savings Consultants (Financial services, $21,900.00)

Accessible Home Health Care ($145,000.00)

Glass Doctor ($50,000.00)

Kumon North America, Inc. (Children's services, $70,000.00)

Aire-Master of America ($50,000.00)

Delta Disaster Services ($60,000.00)

N-Hance (Wood refinishing, $50,000.00)

Mosquito Squad ($50,000.00)

Sport Clips ($200,000.00)

Monkey Bar Storage ($50,000.00)

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning ($30,000.00)

Schooley Mitchell (Reducing costs for businesses, $75,000.00)

ServiceMaster Home Services Plumbing ($30,000.00)

Furniture Medic ($33,900.00)

Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants ($100,000.00)

PostNet (Business services, $60,000.00)

USA Ninja Challenge (Children's fitness, $75,000.00)

Pool Scouts ($30,000.00)

Earthwise Pet Supply ($60,000.00)

FirstLight Home Care (Personal care services, $65,000.00)

ServiceMaster Clean ($35,980.00)

Social5 Development Group ($19,900.00)

The Grounds Guys (Landscaping, $50,000.00)

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives ($75,000.00)

Ziebart International (Automotive, $100,000.00)

Bartercard USA Inc. (Business services, $89,750.00)

Kiddie Academy (Education, $200,000.00)

SkinnyPizza ($200,000.00)

Home Helpers ($100,000.00)

Capriotti's Sandwich Shops ($235,000.00)

Apex Payroll ($30,000.00)

Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions ($30,000.00)

ServiceMaster Restore (?, $102,380.00)

Merle Norman Cosmetics ($40,000.00)

Edible Arrangements ($75,000.00)

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers ($100,00.00)

The Tutoring Center ($40,000.00)

The UPS Store ($60,000.00)

Total Reporting (Business services, $30,000.00)

Wag N' Wash ($100,000.00)

Signal 88 Security ($50,000.00)

Vinci Preschool ($50,000.00)

Rainbow International (Cleaning franchise, $30,000.00)

Great Steak ($100,000.00)

Always Faithful Dog Training ($34,000.00)

Safe Ship (Business packing and shipping, $50,000.00)

Schneider Shrub and Tree Care ($50,000.00)

Red Mango (Coffee and beverages, $200,000.00)

Baja Fresh (Restaurant, $200,000.00)

Class 101 College Planning Franchise ($40,000.00)

The Joint Chiropractic ($100,000.00)

Fleet Services USA (Truck cleaning service, $45,000.00)

Thai Express (Restaurant, $150,000.00)

LifeLine Repairs (Smartphone and tablet repair, $50,000.00)

Planet Smoothie (Coffee and beverages, $60,000.00)

Huntington Learning Centers ($75,000.00)

Smoothie Factory ($100,000.00)

RedBrick Pizza ($200,000.00)

SMS Masterminds (Text message marketing, $34,900.00)

Screenmobile ($50,000.00)

Visiting Angels (Home care, $50,000.00)

Maui Wowi Franchise Opportunity (Restaurant, $75,000.00)

Title Boxing Club ($125,000.00)

Budget Blinds ($50,000.00)

BrightStar Franchising (Children's services, $100,000.00)

Fish Window Cleaning ($75,000.00)

Midici Pizza ($150,000.00)

The Flying Locksmiths ($90,000.00)

ClaimTek Systems (Medical billing, $40,000.00)

Honest-1 Auto Care ($150,000.00)

Fitness 1440($150,000.00)

Figaro's Pizza ($35,000.00)

$200,000.00+ for some of these! (A lot of them are franchises I've never heard of!)

Isn't Wealthy Affiliate a deal?

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JerryHuang Premium
Thanks for sharing this awesome info:)
KYMDAWN01 Premium
This is very informative and thanks again for sharing!!
RichBrennan Premium
A definite eye opener.
And to think, Franchisees don't actually own their businesses. They're little more than employees without a wage, in a massive amount of debt to their employer. They have the illusion of independence but they have to run the treadmill faster, harder and longer than they would in a J.O.B. (just over broke).
speedking Premium
Thanks for sharing.......give me WA any day.

Have yourself a wonderful WA day.

cosmicradio Premium
You, too, Johan!
speedking Premium
Me again, Many years ago I bought into a Franchise for tyre sealants in South Africa. The tyre sealant marketing was and is still a highly competitive world and very difficult to get a break. However, I did not do too badly and managed to get some good contracts with mining companies, Postal services and many farmers all over SA.........BUT!! are never the real owner of the business as you are told and dictated to as what to do, what prices to charge. I did not feel free at all and on many an occasion felt boxed in.
Never ever again.............WA is tops and there's nothing else like it!
Just my 2cents worth.
Ultimateless Premium
I sort of weighed up $200,000 or $500 I guess the latter won.
cosmicradio Premium
Yeah, for me, too, Mike!
MKearns Premium
Service franchises like Janiking for cleaning and medical billing services are among the lowest Rick. Here is a local assortment.
cosmicradio Premium
Thanks, Mike.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Rick.
cosmicradio Premium
My pleasure, Rog.
ThomasPye Premium
Yea it was a tough decision, compared to a franchise. Lol
This place is awesome.
cosmicradio Premium
We could be $200,000.00 in the hole right now, Thomas!
verazhelvis Premium
What a list! Difficult to imagine what some of these things might mean...:))
MKearns Premium
Hey Vera check your cat post for my Princie Pie!
cosmicradio Premium
I tried to explain the ones I thought might be unclear, but maybe I needed to do more. :))
verazhelvis Premium
Oh, yeah... Re-Bath, please?:))
JacquieW1 Premium
Great info thanks
cosmicradio Premium
Thanks, Jacquie. :)
BobE60 Premium
There's differences between franchises and WA for sure. Both offer systems, however to be successful there won't be much flexibility with a franchise. In order to be successful, you must follow their rules to the letter.

WA offers you a system, but you must determine (through networking and lessons) how to apply it to your niche and make it successful. There's no track record and no proven history due to no two people having ever done things exactly the same way.

You can make a lot of money, or lose a lot of money, with a franchise is a much shorter time since most of the national marketing campaign is already in full swing. Like McDonalds, many times you will start seeing cash flowing the day the doors open.

The franchiser's experience, the ongoing national marketing, and the proven system is expensive but returns can be very profitable. The above figures provide ONLY the franchise license fees and not the total required start up investment (which is much higher).

Franchising is another way to build personal wealth to consider, if you have the means. Sorry for being long winded. :-)
cosmicradio Premium
Thanks for your additional insight, Bob!
KeithMaki Premium
It is a great deal!
cosmicradio Premium
Yes it is, Keith!
smgib Premium
Great list and great idea maker! Thanks for adding that. ;-) Susan :-)
cosmicradio Premium
My pleasure, Susan! :)
kasage00 Premium
that;s a long list!
cosmicradio Premium
It is long, Karin!
Ivine Premium
Hi Rick, that is quiet some list. Irv.
cosmicradio Premium
It took me a while, Irv.
PatsyC Premium
Yes Wealthy Affiliate IS a Deal!
cosmicradio Premium
Yes, it is, Patsy! :)
SondraM Premium
Actually, the variety and diversity in this long list shows that success can be found in any niche.

I think WA is an amazing deal for those of us that want to build a business from scratch. Franchising is a good option for other people.

I hope you have a great Sunday
cosmicradio Premium
Thanks for adding to the discussion, Sondra! :)
Calmkoala Premium
Crikey, there's something for everyone there, what on earth does the 'Mosquito Squad' do?! Sue :)
cosmicradio Premium
Get rid of mosquitoes, Sue! :)
Calmkoala Premium
Fair enough, logical I guess! I wondered if they flew the old Mosquito planes for air shows, Sue :)