He Never Said It would Be Easy.

Last Update: July 18, 2019

Kyle I mean,

He said you would need to work hard, he said you would need to be thorough, he wasn’t wrong, but as a result I can say today, I am thrilled (chuffed to bits) I have finally finished and completed all 5 courses, 50 lessons and earnt my online certificate. 👍

I have climbed the ladder and looked at what is out there. I have used terminology I had never heard of 10 weeks ago, I have achieved a modicum of success which makes me want more. I have been introduced to the most incredibly supportive crowd, yes I am looking at you.....

Am on holiday next week for 2 weeks (bit of a cruise round the med) and it’s a jolly good excuse to do some serious (I mean really serious) goal setting, and research for posts and stuff, so that is now the plan.

Kyle said at the end of the training “share your success with the community” but actually I just want to say A BIG thank you to the community.

Let the games commence



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cld111 Premium
Way to go!! Sounds like you hit the ground running and you're off to a fantastic start. I can't wait to hear about more of your successes!

Have fun on your trip. :)

- Christina
Tmgreen Premium
Congrats. You've made great progress.


SaraPoyner Premium
Congratulations!! That is amazing, and so lovely that you get to celebrate with a nice cruise! I have cruised the Med twice, so know how truly lovely it will be! Enjoy a cocktail and the sea air for a while, and I look forward to hearing about it and your new plans when you return : )
CordeliaN Premium
Thank you, it’s the yellow brick road ahead of me now...👍
KingZ221 Premium
Congratulations Cordelia.
Looking forward to seeing your continued success.