'Twas The Weeks Before Christmas ...

Last Update: December 11, 2014

'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the land

Things were not working out quite as I planned.

The Bloggers were hunched over laptop and phone

Furiously writing and quite in the zone.

And I, in a quandry, my heart filled with dread

Was considering putting my website to bed.

When what to my wondering eyes did I see?

But the words of my WA Family challenging me!

"Just what are you doing? You can't give up now!

We need you ... you need us ... we'll get through this somehow!"

With "blessings" from Christa, and Hilda, and Judy,

Good wishes from Katie, and Loes, and Debbi,

From Mark, and from Phil, and from so many more...

I was just blown away like never before!

Like icicles ... tingles just ran down my spine

And I knew in a flash that all would be fine.

All the caring and sharing was coming my way,

With great words of wisdom from Phil and Andre.

"Tis the season for giving, for peace, love and joy!

Spreading blessings, good tidings for all to enjoy!

For chasing away any fear, doubt, and worry ...

(just the thought of that kindness makes my teary eyes blurry)

A season for miracles coming your way ...

My "Christmas Miracle" happened today!

So I leave you tonight ... though just for some sleep.

I'm sticking with WA and my website I'll keep!

What I wanted to say ... as I close my eyes tight ...

Thanks ... one and all ... and to all a Good Night!

Merry Christmas! XOXO M

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ClareO83 Premium
This is just lovely! So glad you're staying x
cookma54 Premium
Thank you. M
sdawson Premium
Awesome melody. Tomorrow is a new day. Blessings. Shirley
cookma54 Premium
Shirley, hope you are feeling better! Still praying! M
MisterWailor Premium
Have a good rest tonight. Start fresh tomorrow.
cookma54 Premium
Will do Mr. Wailor! M
apache1 Premium
Melody in Advance I wish you a Very Merry Christmas. I know we will speak again soon but for now I bid you goodnight.
Glad to have you back where you belong. Whoot Whoot!!! :)
cookma54 Premium
Night, night Andre, my friend! M
NicoleJBN Premium

Have the best night ever and get rested well. :)
cookma54 Premium
Thank you. M