Oops, your payment failed

Last Update: October 05, 2015

From: WealthyAffiliate.com [mailto:kyle@WA]

Sent: October 3, 2015 4:15 AM

To Coney M

Subject: Oops, your payment failed

Hi Coney,

Your most recent scheduled payment for your WealthyAffiliate.com membership

failed and we want to make sure that you do not lose access to WA for any

reason unknown to you. We were unfortunately unable to charge your credit

card on file and would like to know if this is because you intended to

leave, or if this is an unknown issue with your credit card?


Oh no! How embarrassing!

First off, I have no intention leaving WA as I just started Sept. 2 . Every day, I am looking forward to reading the blogs, commenting and liking.

What happened? Error punching the number? Hit an “overlimit”? Others?

A week ago, while scrutinizing my statement, I noticed a credit card charge by an unfamiliar marketing company. The amount is just $50.89. I alerted my card issuer and told me they are cancelling the card right there and reporting to their Fraud Unit for further investigation. I was told that this could be another scheme by scrupulous marketers charging an initial amount and when successful, charging again but for a bigger amount.

The irony was, the cancelled card is on file with WA , used when I first enrolled on Sept. 2. No doubt, my payment failed. I responded to Kyle suggesting that card on WA file has been recently “compromised and was cancelled”.

Goodness,what a hassle! When I got that notification from Kyle, I sprung into action. A great reminder! How many more companies did I forget to notify about that cancelled card ? It took me hours filtering old statements just to ensure I have the list to advise of my new card account.

The lesson to my story: check every details and charges on your statements. You will never know…..it may cost you a fortune!

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Tirolith Premium
I have not had a credit card for 40 years as I cut it up. No money no buy.
ConeyM Premium
I feel like doing that. I can curtail my expenses. Good idea, Tirolith.
Martstervt Premium
My bank would block transfers to foreign coutries so I had jump that hurdle.

ConeyM Premium
That is a very good suggestion. And why not? Thank you, Marty.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Had that happen small charge then the big charge .Makes you very aware thankyou for the reminder Coney .There are so many scams out there . We are so fortunante to be here at WA.
ConeyM Premium
I agree, Evan. We can be a victim at anytime and all we have to do is be aware. Thanks.
bronco549 Premium
I know. It has happened to me before. Great reminder to us all. Jim
ConeyM Premium
Thank you, Jim for commiserating of how I feel.
Sheila50 Premium
Thanks for that information Coney and I try to look at my statements, but do not all the time, which is a bad thing to do.
Sheila :)
Remember, You are not alone and this happens to all of us!
ConeyM Premium
I usually do not have the habit doing so, but now I learned a lesson. Thanks Sheila for the kind words.