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In my previous blog post here, I mentioned about my experience with dropshipping, why I slowed down with it and decided to focus on affiliate marketing via blogging.

The dropshipping business is still up and running, it's just that, growing it is no longer my priority. That means if there will be extra money coming, money earmarked for paid advertising, they won't be spent on it but rather on promoting the landing pages for my affiliate marketing business.

In the previous blog post, I forgot to mention about my purchase of an PLR package about dropshipping, I bought the package with the aim of either using it as a lead magnet or sell the ebook itself for extra income.

It was sold via WarriorPlus, an online membership site, and my purchase of the package has forced me to become a member of the site.

Ready-made Niche Website For Sale

Few days after my purchase, I received an email from them promoting a product of a fellow member. It was an interesting offer, an offer to teach you affiliate marketing plus the right to use his theme, and maybe his content, too.

I think it's kind of "ready-made niche website package" that's tempting our newbies.

You know, I have encountered several members here in WA who seemed to have stopped working on their business and when I asked why they stopped, they said they don't have time for building a site.

For us entrepreneurs with other businesses offline, the offer seems to be attractive. If it weren't for the negative experience I had with WarriorPlus, I would have bought the offer.

Going back to the PLR ebook about dropshipping that I thought I can use for my niche, it turned out to be a poor-quality ebook with some images went blurred. How can I attract leads and customers using such kind of mediocre ebook?

Add to that, I got bombarded with so many upsells beginning that purchase. One of the upsells says that the package that I have bought is just a "basic package" and if I want a more powerful tool, I should buy the "premium package".

Did you notice the price in the screenshot showed above? It's $14 right? Well, I bet it's just a bait. There will be upsells once you bite.

The bad experience I got from my very first purchase from them has discouraged me from further trying any offer from them.

Have The "Real Experts" Do It For You

I read somewhere that the best way to have a website is by letting the experts build it for you. If you know an expert that can build a website for a fee, then go for it. Just make sure that you hire the right people.

Enter: Human Proof Design

When it comes to hiring others to build a site for you, there's only one service that I know which can over-deliver on what they promise. It's Human Proof Design, operated by one of our successful WA members.

But of course, it comes with a steep price. Just take a look at the price below:

We heard it many times, "You get what you pay for".

Here, you are paying for a premium kind of thing.

Honestly, if I have extra money of $6,000 today, I will pay HPD to build a niche site for me. Unfortunately, I have that amount but it is heavily invested in my pharmacy business offline.

But if you have that money you can afford to gamble, what's $1,300 if you can have a return on your investment in 6 months to 1 year?

It's like buying a proven franchise that's expected to give you a monthly income of this and that, and after a year, you will recoup your investment (ROI).

ROI is very possible given you have leaned a lot of things from WA about growing a website. It's the advantage of WA members over those complete beginners out there buying from HPD.

But the question is, do you have the money to invest?

So, the next legit option is...

Build It Yourself From Scratch

There are hundreds of thousands in here inside Wealthy Affiliate who are building their sites from scratch. Some are also busy like us but they manage to insert the thing in their schedules.

So, why can't we?

For a one-time cost of $19 (first month discounted price) and a fixed price of $49 monthly, we can have all the things that we need including training and website hosting.

If you don't have that amount, there's another option here to get started as a free starter member. There's always a way for a determined person.

Let's accept the reality that people with less money have no other option but to substitute physical energy over spending thousands of dollars on nicely-built things.

The good things is that, you will really feel good once you have accomplished things out of your hard work. A nicely built-site built by you!

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What you say is true for any business. I can build a coffee shop from scratch and spend less than if I were to franchise from Starbucks. The key factors are always economics. how much resources (time, money, expertise, etc) you have versus the opportunity and the returns on your investment.

For people who left WA saying they have no time, they won't have time for any other business too. Those investors who left their money with Lehman and did nothing because they thought it would run on autopilot, all of them lost all their money!

You got to at least be interested in business and earning money online if you want to start a business. The the passion to motivate oneself throughout the journey...

That's a good illustration. There's no such thing as 100% hands-free business system. Even vendo machines need attention from their owners.

Great point. To be in any business, you need to give attention and effort

The various themes offered are a jumpstart on some of the technical aspects of building a website. That is available to use. The lessons help us do the rest. Thanks for the insights in this post.

That's the positive side of it. The negative side is, once you buy, there will be a wave of messages coming, selling you this, selling you that. lol

Another thing that isn't clear is, in the sales page, they posted screenshots of ready-made affiliate sites available. Or, are they?

If I am not mistaken (I hope I am), what they mean is, if you buy from them you will have to opportunity to buy one of those ready-made sites? So, that means, they're saying it's a privilege.

"Buy this so you will have the opportunity to buy one of these sites".

Hi Gomer!

Go to what is the bottom line and the main thing. Disregard the others. Distractions can truly deviate us very far away from our goals. Be watchful on this aspect!



This is part of our journey. It will only make you stronger, more determined and more focussed!

You have experienced the Warrior Plus lifestyle. Sell junk to the unsuspecting and upsell them as far as you can. You know that they won't come back but perhaps you can sucker in another.

They don't understand that recurring income is soooooo much more profitable. You just need to earn the respect of your customers.

As for HPD. Dom is a former WA member and sells high-quality sites that almost guarantee that you will make your investment back quickly. (He may still be a member but we don't see him around much)

You had a bad experience! There is some really crappy PLR out there I am not disputing that. But equally there are a lot of really good quality PLR writers out there where for less than $10 you can get fabulous content.

I agree. I remember I have bought one PLR ebook before that's really of good quality. But I have decided, that instead of trying PLRs out there, I'll just just use my free coaching inside WA as an attraction for sign-ups or as a lead magnet. Free things like coaching can also be of value to people who really need them.

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