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I just received a notification from WA that one of my comments (submitted via Site Comments) was disapproved.The reason? He/she said, I have a HORROR GRAMMAR......just like in HORROR MOVIES! lol :)Now, my score went down from 99% approval rate, to 98%. (With 2% skip rate)I wonder, how can I make my grammar sounds COMEDY instead of HORROR?Yes, comedy, so it would be funny. :)Do you have suggestions?Thinking,
I write as I experience things. And today, let me share to you one of my experiences working with the WA platform, titled "Work Like A Horse In Your Niche".What do I mean by this?Working like a horse means two things: First, working hard like a horse. A horse is one of the hard-working animals, right? One of the secrets to success is "working hard". I have never seen a successful lazy person in all of my life.Another meaning to working like a horse is..."Focus ahead. Don't get distracted."Go G
In one of our discussions with friends, we tackled about matching yourself with the kind of business you're starting. A business may look good, but is it for you? Are your skills and resources match what is required to succeed in that business?Marriage And BusinessAlthough I am not yet married (I'm single), I'm not naive to how successful marriages are established. All my siblings are married, most of my friends are married too, I have observed what works and what doesn't.Marriage and business
Several months ago, I was discussing with a friend the possibility of canceling my account here. The reason is, my marketing funnel now offers blog hosting and it looks like having two blog hosts would be a redundancy.Guess what prevented me from leaving? It's the blog comments."How will I get them outside WA?", that's the question that lingered my mind while thinking over the decision. They don't have a system like WA's Site Comments!Easy Blog Comments HereWhen your blog is hosted outside WA p
January 23, 2019
"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." - Bruce LeeIn my previous blog post here, I revealed that I have deactivated my personal Facebook account. A Facebook account with 4,900+ friends and 700+ followers.Some may be wondering what's the point of doing that, some may even find it weird why I'm moving away from the Internet's biggest source of traffic.Unsegregated AudienceUnless you are using a fan page or business page, you will find that your personal Facebook accou
It may not be good advice for everyone, to deactivate Facebook for blogging, but there are instances in our lives that call for such decision.I have deactivated my Facebook account in favor of blogging.4,950 friends and 720 followers.Deactivating Facebook AccountI am working in the MLM niche. The legit ones. Being experienced in this niche, I decided as a member of WA, to target this aside from targeting the niche that's related to WA Affiliate Bootcamp.Haven't we learned in the lessons to targ
This first blog post of mine this 2019 here at WA signals that I'm back! I'm back in a place that's ideal for hosting a website for home based business.2018 was a busy year for me, my time was spent on setting up a pharmacy business which I still consider as a "home based business" as it is situated at the first floor of our house.Here in the Philippines, it's common to see businesses being run at the first floor or first floor of our homes. That's especially true if your home is situated along
It's been awhile since my last blog post here, I've been away for some time setting up my business offline (a pharmacy business) and it is only now that I re-emerged here in WA. And honestly, I got stunned by the recent developments inside here.One of the developments that I like is in WA's SiteComments. It was through a complain type of blog post that I got introduced to the big news about this tool, someone is complaining and I responded with a comment.Through other people's comments on that
September 01, 2018
Most people who are just starting out in the online money making, they would just do anything. Yes, literally anything, just to earn money.The motivation to make quick money is greater than the long term goal or long term vision. And there are parties that feast on them. Scams, recruiters for money-making opportunities, you name it.Maybe you have gone through it. Or, maybe you're still in it right now, so you better be aware.This past couple of months, my responsibility as a small business owne
While sending welcome messages to newly joined members here in Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed a few whose backgrounds are like they're emerging from a setback.Some, just lost their jobs... while others, a business that failed. They joined us here to try something new, or hopefully to regain what they've lost.Whether you're that person, or haven't experienced setbacks yet with your life, I'd like to share something that will inspire you...Are you familiar with this comic book?Scrooge McDuckUncle S