A Lesson Learned From Scrooge McDuck

Last Update: May 29, 2018

While sending welcome messages to newly joined members here in Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed a few whose backgrounds are like they're emerging from a setback.

Some, just lost their jobs... while others, a business that failed. They joined us here to try something new, or hopefully to regain what they've lost.

Whether you're that person, or haven't experienced setbacks yet with your life, I'd like to share something that will inspire you...

Are you familiar with this comic book?

Scrooge McDuck

Uncle Scrooge was fabulously wealthy...

He was pictured as someone sitting in the middle of his billions of dollars, bathing in it, throwing money in the air. Yet then he experienced setbacks that resulted to his losing everything.

He was eventually homeless, his clothes in tatters, and there's a hole in his hat. Worthless, he wandered along the street, penniless.

As he was walking, he stumbled upon a nickel. He reached down and picked it up.

Continuing along, he saw some kids fishing. They had caught a number of fish, so he offered them the nickel he found in exchange for the fish.

He continued down the street to the restaurant where he sold the fish for several dollars.

Then, he used the dollars to buy a scooter.

Then, he saw a man whose car has broken down.

The story continued with one trade after another until Scrooge McDuck has all is wealth back.

Moral Of The Story

Uncle Scrooge failed miserably, but it did not shake his confidence in the process of making money. He knew he would make it back.

If you find yourself in the same position, don't give up. Adopt the winning attitude, and do not let failure get hold of you.

Illustrated in this story, is the characteristics of the true wealthy that we should emulate.


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QAVAVO Premium
Yes I remember a story I read of a multi billionaire that the collapse or failure of his first business was the beginning of his journey to his successful multi billion enterprise
Marsh71 Premium
Thanks Coach. Good reminder to me to keep going, any step in tbe right direction, however small, is still worthwhile. Best to you! Mahesh
doobie333 Premium
Thanks for your inspiring post.
Nkaujzeb Premium
I remembered Uncle Scrooge! Lol great inspirational story. Yep it takes money to make money. Thanks for sharing.
dchapman3 Premium
Great story thanks
GauravGaur Premium
Thanks, Gomar. You always inspire!
renzki1375 Premium
Very inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing Kabayan.
HannaC Premium
This is very encouraging.. Thanks for sharing :)
dapto Premium
Thanks for this encouraging and inspirational post.
CarolMeador Premium
Great post, Gom! Very nice analogy. And encouraging words for those who need it most...our newbies with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts that life is gonna get better! Carol
Bryan8 Premium
And to think that people say that you can't learn anything from comic books..... Scrooge McDuck, an all time favorite!
asmithxu Premium
This is a really fantastic and inspirational post. Thanks! I didn't know the story of Scrooge.
Years ago, I ready this story about this kid who was really into trades on ebay. He started with only a paper clip and a few years later after several trades he ended up with a car.
CoachGom Premium
Wow, that story is impressive! I'll try search for that story.
MKearns Premium
This can be applied to many things from gambling techniques to investment approaches!
MargeCramer Premium
Great encouragement. Plus I love Uncle Scrooge.
CoachGom Premium
Hopefully, we can inspire a lot of people with this short blog post. Thanks! :)