I have renewed my Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Premium Membership

Last Update: December 17, 2019

A few days ago I extended my Yearly Premium membership here at Wealthy Affiliate for another year. I joined Wealthy Affiliate way back in October 2015.

Why I joined Wealthy Affiliate

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for 2 key reasons:

1) I wanted to further my education on Affiliate Marketing. I was already doing affiliate marketing at the time but needed to sharpen my knowledge of it.

I have always believed that the best investment I can ever make is an investment in myself.

2) In my student days, although I did Computer Studies, I never got round to building a website. I didn’t want to spend ages building a website as was the case years ago.

So when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and discovered that I could quickly create a website after watching Kyle’s video, it made sense to me that I should join.

The reasons I have lasted so long:

A) The Membership benefits at Wealthy Affiliate

When you have a look at the Starter Membership which is free, you are able to build 2 websites (on .siterubix.com domain). That's awesome for anyone starting out.

The Premium membership which I am on allows me to build up to 50 websites. I believe that is extremely powerful. That’s 25 free websites and 25 on my own domain.

The reason I say this is powerful is because I believe in MSIs (Multiple Streams of Income) and for me that means having more than 1 website in different niches.

B) The support at Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal

Last year, I did something silly on one of my sites that messed things up. Frustrated and in desperation, I contacted Wealthy Affiliate for support.

The problem was swiftly addressed and the website restored to its erstwhile state!

C) The training at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing

The training is constantly updated which makes it a great place to be.

Actually, there is far more training than time to delve into all of it. I mean, I would have been happy just getting the 50 lessons on the Online Entrepreneur Certification. But I also have access to the 70 lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp and that is before I mention the different classrooms I can attend or the Training HQ with the weekly webinars.

There is just so much training that it can occasionally get overwhelming. But I wouldn't change that for anything in the world!

D) Ability to the connect with other members at Wealthy Affiliate

The ability to connect with other members is crucial and makes it a dynamic and vibrant platform. I love having this community at Wealthy Affiliate.

The way I look at it, having so many people on this platform that I connect with at anytime makes me feel more accountable. I think that having accountability partners drives me towards the attainment of my goals.

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ExpatMark Premium
A great early Christmas present that will be giving back for years and years to come. Happy Holidays and good luck and much success to you with all of your online endeavors.
coach-john Premium
D'akuju Mark. Jak spravy? Wishing you a successful online journey. John
ExpatMark Premium
Now you are speaking my language. Ukrainian was voted as one ot the top 2 most melodious languages in an international competition. I know it is music to my ears.
mbouteiller Premium
Hey John,

My reasons are similar to yours.

Congratulations on renewing your Premium Membership. I've been doing that too for a few years now. What an awesome journey we're on.

I wish you much success in your online business in 2020 and now.

coach-john Premium
Great minds think alike Monica:)
EdwinBernard Premium
Way to go in renewing your annual membership. May I ask why you didn't take advantage of the Black Friday special and renew then? Just curious. You don't have to answer off course.


albear Premium
I wondered about that too, not taking advantage of Black Friday. I did that this year and my account didn't run out till March so now I have that Grandfathered in forever.
EdwinBernard Premium
Ah so you did take advantage of the Black Friday renewal. So your account won't become due until March 2021 at the $299 rate.

Well done John.