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Wow! I just received a badge for my 5 years as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.Wealthy Affiliate remains as relevant today as it was 5 years ago when I joined.Your website is your hub, your central command centre. It is a place where your followers gather around and consume your content.Having your own website brand you as an authority.If you haven't built a website I believe that you are missing out on targeted traffic.How long have you been at Wealthy Affiliate? What do you most like about it?
It is nearly 4pm as I start to write this blog post here in the UK. As 2019 recedes in the background, 2020 now beckons. What is the most important ingredient for success in 2020 as an Online Marketer?Before I answer this question, I will ask you another question: have you set your goals for 2020 yet?I believe that if you want to hit the ground running with your business, you should have set your goals for 2020 by now.All my big goals are already written down. I spent some time going over my p
A few days ago I extended my Yearly Premium membership here at Wealthy Affiliate for another year. I joined Wealthy Affiliate way back in October 2015.Why I joined Wealthy AffiliateI joined Wealthy Affiliate for 2 key reasons:1) I wanted to further my education on Affiliate Marketing. I was already doing affiliate marketing at the time but needed to sharpen my knowledge of it.I have always believed that the best investment I can ever make is an investment in myself.2) In my student days, althou
So the eagle has finally landed. 2019 is now truly upon us!Have you set your goals for 2019 yet?I don't know about you, although I set big goals every year, that isn't what helps me stay focused.The big challenge is that there are so many distractions that can make us veer off course. Now sometimes, certain unexpected events unavoidably prevent us from carrying out critical activities for our business. But distractions can, by and large, be avoided to allow us to focus on income producing activ
Have you set your personal goals for 2019 yet? I am writing this post to share a personal experience from 2018 that highlights the importance of setting personal goals.I don’t know about you, but I like to have something that I am working towards daily, monthly and yearly. Having goals makes me a lot more productive.So have you set your goals for 2019 yet? As an Online Entrepreneur, I set goals for myself every year. My main goal for 2018 was to understand how to use Facebook more effect
While the last two to three years have not gone to plan due to ongoing football (soccer) commitments, I am still involved in Internet Marketing in the limited time that I have. If you haven't made any money at all so far, here is my advice to you in 2018:BE PATIENTRemember that making any money online is a long haul journey. On my travels online, I notice that too many people are looking for instant success. That is a recipe for disaster.Do remember that Rome wasn't built in one day. So you rea
I wanted to let you know that I have decided to upgrade to Premium Yearly here at Wealthy Affiliate!It was quite simply an opportunity too good to miss. Upgrading to Premium yearly membership was a no brainer. It is very much a signal of intent. It is an outward symbol of my commitment and determination to turn my passions into a successful, profitable business with the aid of a fantastic training program as well as the support of a community of many already successful Internet Marketers.I look
I did not plan to write a new blog post so soon after the previous two. However, I have noticed a nice surprise for me tonight: I have my first ever referral at Wealthy Affiliate!This is an important milestone as it now gives me the confidence and motivation I need for more success with bringing in other referrals to the Wealthy Affiliate community.Feel free to extend a warm welcome to if you haven't already done so!Thanks WA!John
The training at Wealthy Affiliate really does work!In my previous blog I highlighted the progress I had made as a result of following the training religiously. I have further examples that prove that the training at Wealthy Affiliates provides us with the blueprint to online marketing success. Here is the proof:1) my affiliate website has now been indexed by both Yahoo & Bing!2) my previous blog post is also showing on a Google search under My Progress At Wealthy Affiliates. This reemphasiz
It is just under a month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. And already I am making some good progress. So here are my key achievements:1) I have completed Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp and I am also working on Course 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant and really does work!2) I have made a connection with just over 1,300 members which is helping raise my profile within the community. 3) I have created my first (ever) website which is t