Are You Going To Crush Your Goals in 2019?

Last Update: January 01, 2019

So the eagle has finally landed. 2019 is now truly upon us!

Have you set your goals for 2019 yet?

I don't know about you, although I set big goals every year, that isn't what helps me stay focused.

The big challenge is that there are so many distractions that can make us veer off course.

Now sometimes, certain unexpected events unavoidably prevent us from carrying out critical activities for our business. But distractions can, by and large, be avoided to allow us to focus on income producing activities

I have changed the way I do things and I am seeing better results.

So what is my preferred method for goal setting?

I usually set my goals the night before (weekdays) or on the morning itself (usually weekends).

I always write down my goals on a notepad.

I either cross off the goal when completed or make a mental note of whether I have achieved all my goals that day. By doing this, I create a mental picture of the progress I am making in my online journey. That helps me remain motivated and focused.

Following this method helps me very quickly determine what areas I need to improve on. The reason is, I am always aware of whether I am falling short of the goals I set myself or whether I am reaching them.

I find that this method works best for me. It enables me to be more productive on a daily and weekly basis. It also helps me to be 100% focused on what I am trying to achieve.

May the year 2019 be a productive and successful year in your online business.

What works best for you when setting goals?

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks John,
My goals are written in my 2019 diary
Now I have to work (hard) to achieve them!
kimwolfe Premium
I followed RoopeKiuttu‘s format to establish yearly acheivement goals. Then added daily action goals needed to accomplish yearly goals.
coach-john Premium
That's great advice thanks for sharing. John
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, John.
coach-john Premium
You are welcome Roger. John
KenShaddock Premium
Thank you John. Great system. So simple it’s doable, and it works. Have a great year John
coach-john Premium
Thank you Ken. Yes, it is simple to do. Coincidentally, I know someone who earns six figures a month who uses this same method for goal-setting. You should do what works for you.
Babou3 Premium
Great method!
Every beginning of the week I write
what I have to do. For the moment
it works.

Happy New Year!
coach-john Premium
I also do the same as you Ingrid.

But I get distracted easily so having daily goals is more helpful for me.

Wishing you a great 2019!