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Last Update: September 13, 2020

Hard to believe

it was just a year ago, that I wrote one of my first blogs honoring the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man.

The piece was based on a line from a song by the group 'America', "Oz never did give nothing to the Tinman, that he didn't already have'. (I dug it up and the original follows this.)

The basic thought behind the piece was that each of us already has all that we need to succeed.

We just have to reach into our hearts and believe.

Testing the theory

I think we could all agree that 2020 has certainly tested that theory in ways we could have never have imagined. Instead of "Lions and tigers, and bears! Oh my!" , this year has been more like 'Fires, and hurricaines, and floods, and a pandemic, and .... Holy crap!" The hits just seem to keep on coming this year, like never before.

All of that

is what makes all of this so incredibly valuable and important! Wealthy Affiliate has given us a means to not just survive, but to thrive through all of this. It doesn't matter where you live, stuff is going down.

Who you were is not who you are

Through all that has happened, who you were at the start of your adventures with WA is not who you are now. And who you are now is not who you will be. WA has a way of impacting you that you probably aren't even aware of.


For such a small investment, the returns are priceless. The ability to connect with a community like this is worth it's weight in gold. I have friends, collegues, mentors here. To think that I would have missed out on these amazing people had I not taken the chance and opportunity to join WA. And oh, what and who I would have missed out on getting to know. My life is forever enriched and better because of the amazing people here. I will likely not meet many of them, but what a party it would be. Maybe we can talk Kyle and company into hosting a WA cruise some day.

The access to the extraordinary training and this much experience and knowledge is unmatched. What has been created not only by WA but is shared by such generous and knowledgable and successful people here, you just can't put a price on. And if you did, the amount of time and calibur of the training would cost thousands.

The ability to learn and develop skills that will enable us to earn a living and lifestyle that we dram of is such an incredible gift. It's up to each of us to make the most of it.

What is that worth to you?

If you're new, know that you are in the right place at the right time. In fact, there has rarely been a better time. And I know there's no better place to be - cuz I've tried so many!

There are folks who've started recently who will question their decision. Don't second guess yourself. You've made a good decision. Just keep on going. Persistance and consistent action. You'll get there!

There are folks who will look at the amount spent as a cost. Don't.

It's an investment that can have unimaginable returns. Dream bigger!

There are folks who will not feel successful until they've made lots of $$. Money is not the only measure of success. Keep at it, the $$ will come.

There are folks who will look at this and say, 'I got mine. Good luck getting yours.' WA isn't that kind of community. Pay the gift you've been given forward. Share your knowledge, encouragement and experience.

WA is a rare find

However your found your way here, here is where you are! And what a wonderful place to be! Here's to making the most of this treasured opportunity!

Cheers from San Antonio!


The original post was on September 18. It is below or you can look it up.

'Oz never did give nothin' to the Tinman'

It's a line in a song from the group America, back in the 70's. I was listening to the radio the other day when it came on. I really enjoyed both the group and the song when it came out.As I listened to the song today, however, I heard it in a different light. The Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, even Dorothy, each had everything they needed already. It wasn't the Great and Powerful Oz that bestowed their respective gifts to each of them. They already possessed what they needed. The Cowardly Lion already had his courage. The Scare Crow already had a brain. Dorothy already had the means to get home in the ruby slippers. And the Tin Man already had a heart.What they didn't have was belief. Some days I'm right there with them. Some days it's hard to believe. I believe in WA. These guys have created something truly amazing. Extraordinarily powerful, robust, life-changing for so many of us. The crew Oz didn't believe in themselves. They were in their own way. And by the end of the song, I came to realize that I've been in my way as well.As much as I believe in WA, I'm not always sure I believe in myself. I have to keep talking to myself. I have to keep working on believing in myself. I can do this. I can figure it out. One step at a time. One skill at a time. One lesson at a time. I CAN do this. I WILL do this. Others have. I'm sure I can figure it out as well.The trick is to believe in my heart that I deserve the kind of success that WA can provide. This is something I simply must overcome. I have made mistakes in my past - big ones, costly ones. Things I can't correct. I can only learn from them, use the lessons and start afresh. Look forward. It's why the rear view mirror in your car is so much smaller than your windshield. Don't look back. It's not where you're going. It's not where I'm going!So here's to forgiving myself for past mistakes. Here's to believing in the future. A future I have always wanted but never either knew how to achieve or believed that I deserved. Now I know it is possible. I think working on believing that I deserve it will be a process. But I am, and have always been, a work in progress.Here's to finding the gifts we each have and to believing in ourselves enough to achieve them.Christine

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zydegeaux Premium
I'll get you and your little dog too
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A great way to tie them together, very clever!
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In total agreement Christine, nicely done.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Classic song, classic movie, and a great way to tie them together!

Thanks for sharing!
Palatia Premium Plus
Very inspirational, Christine. Thank you. I remember that song. It's a classic! :)