Getting Back on The Saddle

Last Update: June 20, 2017

As they say in Texas, I am getting "back on the saddle" after my recent Pace Maker Operation. It is now over a week and I am feeling much better. The wife and I even went on an excursion through the mountains and I did all the driving.

For those of you who don't know Terry and I are full time House Sitters. That is what my BLOG is all about. Had to cancel on a House Sit when I had the problems with my heart. So we are relaxing at a resort in South Spain. In about another week and a half, we Start our next sit in Spain. Then we will have two more sits in Spain before we have to leave the country. As Americans, we can only spend three months at a time in Europe and then we have to leave for three months.

Anyways, thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. I am going to be OK.


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EricCantu Premium Plus
You're always on an adventure. It's awesome! Glad you're doing better, Clyde!
DebbieRose Premium
That is good news! Continued good health. Debbie
RichBrennan Premium Plus
Welcome back, Clyde - wishing you well for a full and speedy recovery. Onwards and upwards :-)
MKearns Premium
Greatmyo see you back in the saddle again Clyde!