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Last Update: July 01, 2017

The wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the network you develop of people doing the same thing as yourself. With so many people out there, there are bound to be people that are thinking and wondering the same things. When I first started, I would of course add as many people as I could. I learned a lot from them and every once in a while I was able to help some people.

The problem is, that I am a newbie. So, I feel like I don't know a heck of a lot to help people with things. I could help them emotionally but not a whole lot on their sites as I still have a lot to learn. I realized that I had surrounded myself with people who are at the same level as me.

Then it hit me! Surround myself with the "leaders" of WA. So, here is what I did. I clicked on the little Blue "Rank" button on the menu and added the top twenty five people. They all have the ranking of Ambassador. I then proceeded to follow them.

I have to tell you, after doing this, I have learned so much from their postings. I recommend that you do the same.

Don't get me wrong, I have also learned things from people who are NOT in the top twenty five. But, by adding these top twenty five. I have surrounded myself with people who are successful.


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DebbieRose Premium
Makes so much sense...don't know why I never did that but I will now. Thanks. Debbie
PatsyC Premium
I didn't follow them all. I added an Ambassador as I got to know them a little and for the quality of their help. Of course there are many who aren't Ambassadors that are quite helpful and genuinely care.

Honestly, there are a handful that I know didn't get there by helping, but by gaming the system. I've read blog posts that this isn't new.

A few members finally spoke up about this handful including myself because members, especially new ones think they have a lot of knowledge but clearly don't.

I find myself at rank 26, although it shows 29 on the Ambassador page. I got questioned at rank 32 to explain how I got there and found myself having to write a blog post as to how I naturally got there.

They aren't all successful and won't last as the members that do truly help will eventually take over ending up where they belong, earning their Ambassadorship title.
Loes Premium
Curious about how many will follow your lead:) That's exactly what I did when I started here at WA
ClydeColes Premium
Was even thinking of putting out there as "training to show people exactly how to do it with video
Loes Premium
When you have something to teach, do not hesitate:)