Success Is Opportunity & Preparation

Last Update: February 25, 2019

When we train and complete tasks related to our goals, what we are really doing is two fold: (1) we are in the midst of readying ourselves to receive that goal, and (2) we are creating opportunies to receive beyond what we are working towards. There are so many opportunities to achieve our desires, so many options, and so many decisions that it sometimes seems overwhelming to know which way to go. The key is to Ask, Seek, and Knock, and do it continually. Be on guard for your opportunities. Sometimes we are too busy or too afraid to welcome them. But remain open by not giving in to negative thoughts and doubt. The doors of opportunity surround you. If you keep knocking, some doors will open for you and some will not. Behind every door that opens, there are lessons that we need to grow and to achieve our desires. So keep preparing, i.e. knocking on doors by writing posts, commenting, training, and sharing information. If the gray door is closed, try the red one. Success is waiting for you.

Happy Monday!

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julesnp Premium
You are absolutely "Right on" Claudette.
Thank you for sharing this very motivating post.

Have a great productive day.

Queendo Premium
Keep on knocking. I am going to recite this until it is ingrained in my head. Thank you:)
ClaudetteT1 Premium
That works for me :-)
Twack Premium
I like your 'success' series. Awesome. Thank you.
CandP Premium
Thanks for the motivation, Claudette. Let's all try to make this a really productive week.
Colette and Philip
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Agreed. I'm working on it!