The Inner Sanctum of A Website Revealed

Last Update: February 12, 2017

Ever since I joined WA, I've learned to build a website, researched keywords, implemented SEO strategies and much, much more.

Because I understand the inner workings of a website now, I catch myself looking at other websites in a different way.

I pay more attention to the other developer's:

  • website theme
  • the layout
  • the style of writing
  • the widgets
  • the monetization,
  • and almost everything that is involved for a website

I can't help up. It's like my brain automatically tells me to look at all those details!

I tell myself to stop and focus on my intended task but I am compelled to scrutinize. "Look, look it's the Rara theme." Or, "Oh wow, look at how they are rocking that sidebar."

I also find myself looking at content to see if the author is using specific keywords.

"Hey, that keyword is remarkable." Or, "Ooh, this writer is writing organically."

I'll also look at the comment sections and try to guess if a certain comment is organic or solicited.

I just can't stop doing this!

Oh, it's so good, yet it's so distracting. I have to say to myself, "Knock it off. Just do what you need to do and get back to work!"

WA, what have you done to me? I know too much now! I'm not clueless anymore!

It's like, someone spilled the secret and I understand the inner sanctum of a website and I finally get it!

Thank goodness! The doors have been opened! (Cue heavenly music.)

Well, if you just started with WA, believe me, it's really no secret and WA is not a place where only a few can enter.

Everyone can enter. You have to just take that first step through the opened doors and begin to learn.

In time, you will have all this knowledge and start looking at things a little differently and you will get why you joined!

Have you ever caught yourself scrutinizing like I have been doing? Whether you have or not, I'd love to read your comments!

Hope you enjoyed this post everyone! Thanks for reading!

Have a blessed day!


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WLG Premium
Great post, Cindy, thanks for sharing-William
Cindy624 Premium
Thanks so much William!
WLG Premium
You are so welcomed Cindy-William
MKearns Premium
Thanks Cindy. That is a great way to index a scan of a site!
Cindy624 Premium
Thank you!
lynnsam61 Premium

I find myself doing the exact same thing!

Cindy624 Premium
Haha! I love that you do!
WilliamBH Premium
Great post Cindy .. Cheers William
Cindy624 Premium
Hi William,
Thank you! It was fun writing it!

Have a wonderful day!

AlexEvans Premium
Awesome Cindy some really good information and motivation dead sitter for a training.
Cindy624 Premium
Hi Evan,

Thank you! It's a great feeling to know so much more now!
Knowledge is a confidence builder as well, isn't it?

Have a great day!