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I've noticed that there has been money deposited into my account as of late. And the deposits were from Amazon. At first, I thought it was some sort of payment from a class action suit or something. But I've seen 3 deposits so far in the last few months. Then it hits me! I went into my Amazon Associates account and there it was. Sales! People were buying from my website links! So, I guess my hard work is paying off. Not going to quit my day job but one day....I will!
Ever since I joined WA, I've learned to build a website, researched keywords, implemented SEO strategies and much, much more. Because I understand the inner workings of a website now, I catch myself looking at other websites in a different way. I pay more attention to the other developer's:website theme the layout the style of writingthe widgetsthe monetization,and almost everything that is involved for a website I can't help up. It's like my brain automatically tells me to look at all those de
Too young, too soonMy Aunty Judy recently lost her battle wih colon cancer on January 24, 2017. She had her 62nd birthday the day before she passed. It's funny how 62 seemed so old when I was a young girl. But at my current age, 62 is too young, too soon to go.I was grateful to have seen her the day before she left this world. She was at peace with it and knew that it was time, but for those who had loved her - of course, it was especially difficult to see her go. During this time, I just beco
Hi everyone,Just a little excited today. I checked to see where my posts were ranked. One of the posts is ranking page 4, position 33 on Google. I hope I was reading it correctly. I used the Jaaxy search tool. I love that Jaaxy feature. Well, it may be only page 4 but I'm just really glad it's in the single digits, lol! I'm just really glad I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. If it wasn't for WA, the helpful members and all the excellent training, I would still be struggling to build my online
December 31, 2016
Happy New Year to everyone here at WA! May it be a blessed and prosperous year for all! Cheers to you!Blessings,Cindy
If we all had a guarantee to be successful at WA, at our brick and mortar, at school, in life ~ we wouldn't need anything else, would we? I've been here one month and there's no guarantee I'll be successful and making money any time soon. But the road I'm traveling to turn that "anytime soon" into "it's happening" is what I'm working towards.For the skeptical and the discouraged, keep training and work at your business. Kyle and Carson does not guarantee you instant success. The Ambassadors an
November 12, 2016
I am a very enthusiastic person when it comes to loving something. I tell everyone! Just the other day, my friend and I were discussing tummy issues. She was tired of feeling a certain way and wasn't quite sure how to handle it. Well, I'm always ready to give someone advice so I started talking about this brand of probiotics that I have taken for a while. Without any inhibition, I started to rave about how the probiotic:helped to improve my digestive systemHow affordable it isEveryone should be
November 07, 2016
10/31/16. - I signed up for what I call, WA University, I went premium and went through training. Today is 11/7/16 and I am building three websites. How am I feeling? Ecstatic, nervous, hopeful and impatient. Ecstatic - because I am learning so much. The training is incredible! Without it, I would not have come this far in 7 days.Nervous - because I still have the "what if's". "What if this doesn't work", "what if no one reads my stuff?" But, I sure don't feel alone in these feelings. Every
This is a quote from Kyle's lesson in course 2 level 4 (Traffic Breakdown). "Creating content does not mean you have to be an English major." That is so funny because you do not want to write your content like an English Major. I graduated with a BA in English Literature and had to analyze and write a lot of essays. For us boring English majors, we studied, analyzed and structured our essays according to the genre and literature of the period. Ugh,let me tell you, it was excruciating to be so
Hi everyone! I just joined WA and I am addicted to learning as much as I can. I've always wanted to build a successful business and I've tried a couple times. I've owned a food cart and a brick and mortar restaurant. Oh my goodness - my passion was there, but I couldn't get all the pieces together to make it successful. So, it brings me back to a game that I loved to play when I was in college - Tetris. The goal of this game is to make all these puzzle pieces fit together at the bottom of th